Kitchen ideas open to the outside

ultra modern kitchen design idea

The warmth and mysticism of summer days attract us to spend more time outdoors. The outdoor kitchens are perfect for enjoying sunny days by cooking and eating outside.

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The problem: they require space and important investments. If you have a small outdoor area, but you want to enjoy the sun and not be locked in the cooked when the sun is shining, we are here to save you! Have you ever thought of a kitchen open to the outside (garden, terrace or other)? Thanks to our photo gallery, you will have the chance to discover the numerous kitchen design ideas open to the outside and its benefits.

Kitchen design ideas in more than 50 ideas

idea kitchen exterior

We all know this sensation of soft glow of lanterns on summer evening ... The winter is long and in summer we have only one desire: to spend as much time as possible outside, to smell the sweet scent of fresh trees, listen to the cicadas ... Planning a whole kitchen outside is expensive and takes time. Here are our proposals of how to "take out" your kitchen outside without breaking the bank ... In short, it will probably destroy just a wall!

Kitchen layout idea: large open space outside

idea contemporary open plan kitchen

Setting up an indoor kitchen in such a way that it can always be open to the outside at any time is not complicated. You can either install a glass wall, a large door or a wall sliding who can move without much effort. Another way to open the space is the installation of a very large window. In any case, it is better to opt for a large window that can open easily. In addition, the glass makes light flow, optimizes and expands the space.

Kitchen open on the balcony

idea kitchen design balcony

Here is an example of a rustic-style house with a large sliding window: the freshness and beauty of nature invite you inside!

House furnished in rustic style

idea kitchen rustic style

Open kitchen with large central island

ideas kitchen open plan outdoor garden design hanging lamp

Idea of ​​kitchen design deco

kitchen ideas modern open plan outdoor dining table

Elegant design kitchen

arrange its kitchen exterior design oven parquet wood dining table chair

Kitchen decor in neutral colors

kitchen ideas design dining table black chair design

Wooden kitchen with central island and black hanging fixtures

open kitchen exterior window hanging lamp black design bar stool wooden floor

Simple opening: two large windows

idea design kitchen bar stool metal plant island central deco flowers floor mats blue

Opening with sliding doors

idea open kitchen modern design black stool design original idea

Light, space, nature

open modern kitchen outdoor bar parquet floor wood

Wooden interior decorating idea

open kitchen ideas design wood design sofa cushion fixture hanging

Half eating half indoors: it's handy!

open kitchen living room idea kitchen design wooden stool pendant light

Indoor kitchens white

kitchen idea design wooden table chair wooden floor lamp hanging lamp

Kitchen in two houses with luxurious interior

idea design kitchen open to the outside lamp hanging wooden table chair design parquet wood

Large kitchen with central island and leather stools

open kitchen living room central island stool black leather extractor hood

Large glass door giving access to the balcony

idea design kitchen design wooden table design hanging lamp design floor mats

Original idea: window folding

idea living room outdoor open kitchen design bar outdoor bench

Wooden kitchen with sliding glass doors

idea kitchen open plan outside central island wooden table chair

Two kitchens with glass doors giving access to the garden

open kitchen exterior design pendant light design wooden table central island

Luxurious kitchen half inside and half outside

ideas kitchen design modern outdoor dining table opening idea

Door or window: it's up to you

open modern kitchen outdoor fixture hanging central island

Kitchen with balcony

kitchen interior modern design idea island central black wood fixture hanging modern design flowers bouquet

Kitchen with outside bar and kitchen with glass and wooden door

arrangement kitchen bar stool black design wooden table

Two kitchens of contemporary design

design kitchen design extractor hood floor mats central island wood stool

modern kitchen idea layout open to outside hanging lamp

ideas kitchen open plan outdoor garden dining table garden landscaping

idea bar outdoor kitchen stool design modern central island open

ideas kitchen design modern design sofa living room central island fixture hanging armchair

ideas furnishing kitchen space kitchen extractor hood central island kitchen design

ideas kitchen design idea layout open outside garden design sliding door

idea kitchen design bar stool white summer

open kitchen exterior sliding door idea wood floor wood dining table

Layouts idea-kitchen-open-on-deck-idee

design kitchen island central white fixture hanging design stool

kitchen island central window stool black sink island central oven

open wood kitchen outdoor wood table black chair design

idea kitchen layout island central white extractor hood sink flowers

kitchen idea layout lamp hanging stool wooden sink extractor hood

Kitchen design ideas

Kitchen ideas open kitchen garden central island bosi stool fixture hanging design plant

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