Kitchen island and worktop: 9 practical lighting ideas

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What lighting for your kitchen island and your work plan? If there is a space whose form and function marry seamlessly, it is the kitchen.

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Lighting is also a way to add a new dose of style and substance to your kitchen. Even if you do not have major renovation projects for your kitchen in the future, a simple lighting modification can totally change its look. The installation of a large designer light or a spectacular chandelier - could be all you need to change the atmosphere of the kitchen. The lighting is a bit like painting: it is inexpensive, but the results are always impressive! He is able to turn a room into a single afternoon. If you are looking for original ideas for lighting your kitchen, discover our 9 ideas and practical tips:

Kitchen island and worktop: which lighting?

kitchen island worktop lighting idea

These LED light bars are long and narrow. They are to be installed directly on the underside of the cabinets, making them ideal for illuminating counters and preparation areas. The light bars LED They come in a wide variety of lengths and are connectable, so even long kitchen counters can be fully and evenly lit. They can be either wired into the wall for a flawless look, or plugged in for easy installation.

Lighting idea with LED light bars, design and photography Pillar Custom Homes

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Like LED light bars, light strings are ideal for use in lighting the kitchen counter . Garlands are also much easier to install: they can be discreetly hung under a row of cabinets.

Lighting with LED light strings, design Cheryl Burke Design

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One of the quickest ways to give your kitchen and ceiling a new look is to install an interesting design fixture. This white kitchen ceiling has a lot more character thanks to the recessed lighting with beautiful decorative details. Its soft light and geometric cutouts add a dramatic touch that requires very little investment in terms of time.

A dramatic and elegant touch, design Niki Papadopoulos

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If you have a kitchen island where you like to have your breakfast or drink a drink, think of hanging fixtures hanging above. Suspended lighting not only adds style to the space, it can also help create a sense of openness and visually ventilate the kitchen.

Suspended lights for kitchen island, design John Maniscalco

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Small, washer-shaped lights are easy to install almost anywhere. For example, under cabinets with drawers or in the dark corners of your space. There is furniture lighting with cable or for simple installation. There are also models that work with batteries.

Washers: ideal for the kitchen counter, design Melissa Miranda Design

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Furniture lighting can be extremely practical for deep or dark cabinets. Add industrial-style hanging fixtures and the ambiance of your kitchen will become romantic and relaxing.

Romantic and relaxing interior, design Calvis Wyant

If you want to light different areas of your kitchen, spotlights and spotlights are a great solution. With a unique ceiling junction box, you can install a lighting system. It will allow you to direct the light where you need it most.

Be the leader of the light!

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There are some solutions for lighting that will unexpectedly transform the mood of your kitchen. Dramatic or sophisticated atmosphere, the choice of lighting and lighting depends on your needs and your tastes. The important thing is not to be afraid to opt for something whimsical, even in the kitchen.

White kitchen with minimalist design and whimsical lighting, design Lichten Craig Architecture

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