Kitchen islands: 50 practical, design and modern ideas

kitchen islands ideas

Having a new kitchen always provokes very good feelings. And yet, if you like them kitchen islands and you want one at home, there are basic details that must be taken into account to make the right choice.

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Making a decision, without knowing beforehand, may be the reason to realize, later, that your kitchen island takes a little too much room in the room or does not correspond to your needs. In this article you will find some useful tips regarding kitchen islands which will help you to create the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Kitchen islands for an elegant and practical design atmosphere

kitchen island deco black white

The first thing you need to think about before choosing your kitchen island is to know why and how to use it. It is obvious that the island will have a work surface, but it is important to decide if you also want a sink or stove. Depending on your answer to these questions, it's easy to decide the size of the island. For example, if you use your island only to store different objects, then you may not need it too big. On the other hand, if you use it for cooking, then you will need enough space to put the stove in addition to pots and pans.

Contemporary style kitchen island

contemporary kitchen islands

Another important decision you must make regarding the kitchen island is the storage space you want to have. Generally, the lower part of the island is used for this purpose. It is important to know that the more storage you have, the bigger the island is. With larger drawers and cabinets, you'll have more space to store your kitchen accessories. The size of your kitchen will also impact the size of the island.

Kitchen deco with wooden central island

dark wood kitchen islands

After deciding on the size of the island, it's time to think about renting it. If you want to place your island in the middle of the kitchen, then you can very well afford to opt for a larger island. But if it will be placed in a corner to serve, for example, as a room divider in an open kitchen, then it must be a little smaller.

Deco of modern kitchen in wood

elegant kitchen islands

Having a beautiful and modern kitchen can be easier than you think. But to be able to make the right choice for a central island, try to define a precise idea about its size and how to use it. Regarding the decoration and style of the central island, everything will depend on stay in your kitchen. You can opt for an island in the same style to create a coherent décor or, on the contrary, choose an island that is different from everything else - in contrasting color, for example - and use it as the focal point of the room. The choices and the possibilities are really infinite. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures:

Kitchen Idea with Central Island

kitchen island woods

Lacquered kitchen of contemporary design

white modern kitchen

Spacious kitchen decor in white

white kitchen large island

Idea of ​​decoration - kitchen in black and white

kitchen wood deco white black

Contemporary lacquered kitchen with central island

modern white deco kitchen

contemporary design kitchen white

central island kitchen

kitchen minimalist design white

original central island kitchen

deco kitchen wood large island

contemporary kitchen deco red island

kitchen deco two islands black white

deco elegant kitchen laquee

deco gray kitchen central island

deco kitchen open central island

deco kitchen island storage

deco elegant modern kitchen

deco kitchen island laquee green

deco small kitchen small island

beige elegant kitchen decoration

white purple kitchen decoration

modern kitchen deco idea

modern kitchen decoration idea

white kitchen wood islands

small white kitchen islands

islands of modern white kitchen

rounded design kitchen island

contemporary design kitchen island

interesting design kitchen islands

original design kitchen islands

interesting design kitchen islands

kitchen island deco contemporary

islands of modern wood kitchen

black kitchen islands design

small modern kitchen islands

simple design kitchen islands

kitchen islands modern traditional style

kitchen islands idee design

green design kitchen islands

deco elegant kitchen islands

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