Kitchen open on very design lounge of Snaidero

open kitchen on modern living room design small open kitchen sink preparation area

Many designers are exploring new ways to make space between the kitchen and the living room more fluid. Check out this design from open kitchen on living room exceptional by the interior designer Pietro Arosio for Snaidero.

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Kitchen open to living room: design by Pietro Arosio for Snaidero

open kitchen living room design small space idea functional red stool

The kitchen contemporary becomes more and more open and functional. Many designers are looking for new ways to make the kitchen and living room a large room that is both open and functional. In response to this need for interactivity and fluidity in small apartments and townhouses, designer Pietro Arosio is behind the layout of this open kitchen for the studio Snaidero . This kitchen is perfect even for the smallest spaces. It will easily adapt to your contemporary and fast lifestyle. It can be customized and adapted in the way that suits us better.

Open kitchen lounge ideal for small spaces

arrangement small open kitchen cupboard shelves practice oven steel

The working island is at the heart of the design of this kitchen. It airs and illuminates the space. Moreover, it occupies very little space which makes it very functional . Ergonomic design Available in two different sizes of 90 cm and 120 cm. The small island has two sinks, a convenient snack, a bin for organic waste and plenty of space to prepare, bake and clean!

Kitchen open to living room: the small island

small open kitchen idea layout work island sink practical

Kitchen open to the living room: a well-appointed space

open kitchen living room in stainless steel small central island space

The kitchen opened on living room opens the space.

small open kitchen living room functional airy living room sofa blue stool design

Contemporary and modern design

island open kitchen living room small space idea urban planning

A practical space to prepare and leather

small open kitchen practical layout stainless steel oven

Nice red accent

kitchen cabinet red stainless steel oven practical functional

Everything is open and functional at once

open kitchen living room dining space space to prepare library two story house

Practical island with enough space to feel comfortable.

open kitchen small island practical small house idea development rooms

idea kitchen open plan small practical island space

kitchen island baking preparation small open kitchen airy space

layout small appart idea open kitchen more space armchair design chair wooden cupboard

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