Kitchen renovation: decorate an elegant shabby chic kitchen

renovation kitchen makeover style shabby chic

If you are about to make a kitchen renovation and you like the shabby chic style, so this article is for you! Shabby chic has regained its popularity over the last few years, but it's still a timeless style.
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Most of the shabby chic decor accessories are vintage in appearance, repainted in white or in pastel colors. Even the new pieces look old and that's where the charm of this decoration hides.

Renovation kitchen - modern shabby chic kitchen

renovation kitchen ideas shabby style

You can do a kitchen renovation in the style shabby chic by repainting your furniture from cooked . Give them a worn look, reuse your old furniture and vintage accessories. Wood is also an important element in shabby chic cuisine. The old wooden table, the floor or the wooden counter are beautifully incorporated in the decoration. Vintage kitchen appliances also have a very special place in the kitchen - in white or pastel of course.

Renovation kitchen shabby chic design

renovation kitchen deco style shabby

Cabinets and kitchen cabinets are usually white or weathered. You can find vintage furniture in specialty stores or, simply, put the furniture you already have in matte white. The great vintage furniture is typical for shabby chic cuisine, so feel free to reuse your old crib or large wooden closet.

Kitchen decorated in shabby chic style

renovation kitchen shabby chic style

Check out the local antique dealers for vintage accessories that you can use for decorate your kitchen . Again in white or pastel color. Place decorative vintage plates everywhere on the shelves. A vintage oven, from the 30's or 40's, is also a great decorating idea. Glass, ceramic accessories and vintage storage boxes will be welcome in your stylish shabby chic kitchen. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Shabby Chic Kitchen Storage

Elegant shabby chic kitchen

stylish shabby chic kitchen renovation

Vintage kitchen decorating idea

Elegant shabby chic cuisine

Shabby chic kitchen storage idea with vintage boxes

renovation kitchen shabby chic storage boxes

Shabby chic kitchen decorated with natural wood furniture

renovation kitchen shabby chic natural wood

Modern shabby chic kitchen in white

white modern kitchen renovation

shabby chic kitchen renovation

shabby chic kitchen blue walls

shabby chic green kitchen

vintage modern kitchen deco

shabby chic green kitchen deco

shabby chic kitchen decoration

vintage kitchen furniture wood decoration

original design kitchen decoration

vintage kitchen deco idea

renovation kitchen vintage white pink

renovate his kitchen idea decoration shabby chic

renovate his vintage kitchen

shabby chic kitchen renovation


renovation kitchen shabby chic design

renovation kitchen idee deco

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