Kitchen style workshop: the new kitchen trend

kitchen style workshop decoration industrial design

The studio style is inspired by sobriety, convenience and accessibility. What began as an effective work environment a few decades ago has today become a more and more modern style of modern deco.
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And there is no place in the interior more appropriate for industrial decoration than the kitchen . In this article, we will share with you many interesting ideas and useful tips to help you arrange a studio style kitchen contemporary and really very comfortable.

Workshop style kitchen with central island

kitchen style workshop modern decoration idea

Let's start with the floor covering and the walls of the studio style kitchen . The industrial style is characterized by raw textural beauty. In simpler terms, these are bricks, tiles and even concrete walls in the decor of walls and floors. Brick walls are very often present in the cooked industrial, but we must not forget the exposed steel surfaces and the good floor covering capable of completely transforming the space. The options are really endless and you can choose between the wooden floor, the chevron patterns and the floor painted in a dark shade that gives the kitchen an authentic vintage look. And if you add to that a tiled backsplash and some open shelves, you will have a captivating and original space.

Kitchen decor modern workshop style

kitchen style workshop deco interior industrial

You have probably already contemplated some very beautiful industrial kitchen by asking you how we did to create a decor so interesting. To have a tel result is, of course, very important to choose a suitable decor and the elements that go with it. But beyond the obvious, it's about giving the kitchen a distinct personality that reflects your own tastes instead of trying to imitate something you've already seen. Opt for recycled materials, chairs and DIY fixtures, a practical kitchen island, custom shelves and recycled furniture in combination with accessories purchased at the flea market.

Modern industrial style kitchen decor

blackboard workshop style kitchen

For some, choosing the industrial look means finding the harmony between modern elegance and the typical raw elements for this style. This creates a very beautiful fusion between the two styles and allows to control the influence that each particular style will have in the decoration of the space. The chic workshop kitchen offers a certain sense of softness, it tolerates lacquered furniture and shiny surfaces and relies heavily on lighting and decorating the walls and floor to give it a modern industrial touch. Gray is an excellent choice for the modern chic kitchen since it combines the steel grain of the style with a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Industrial decor kitchen decorated in gray and white

Scandinavian style kitchen workshop style

And even if it is not very difficult to create a kitchen workshop in a large space, it is often said that it can not be done in a small kitchen. The good news is that this is not entirely true since efficiency, frugality and ergonomics are key factors in the industrial style which makes it perfect even for smaller spaces. Think of pot racks that allow easy storage, open shelves to avoid storing everything you really do not need, and empty surfaces that make the small space more convenient and comfortable. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Industrial kitchen of modern design

kitchen style workshop red brick

Stylish kitchen kitchen deco idea

industrial elegant design kitchen

Kitchen industrial decoration with concrete ceiling

modern industrial design kitchen

Deco idea of ​​industrial kitchen

gray kitchen deco industrial

Kitchen design deco industrial style

industrial kitchen deco bricks

industrial kitchen deco dark colors

industrial kitchen deco elegante

industrial kitchen modern design

industrial kitchen ilot beton

industrial kitchen wall bricks

modern kitchen industrial style

kitchen style wood workshop

kitchen style deco workshop stainless steel

kitchen style modern deco workshop

kitchen style workshop design

contemporary design studio style kitchen

kitchen style workshop interesting design

kitchen style workshop

kitchen style workshop idee deco

kitchen style workshop wood island

kitchen style workshop ilots purple

kitchen style workshop industrial lamp

modern workshop style kitchen

original workshop style kitchen

Open style kitchen

small studio style kitchen

kitchen style workshop wood surfaces

modern industrial kitchen deco

deco industrial kitchen wood

deco industrial contemporary kitchen

deco industrial kitchen design

deco industrial kitchen shelves

deco industrial stainless steel kitchen

deco industrial modern kitchen

deco industrial contemporary modern kitchen

deco industrial kitchen wall bricks

deco industrial kitchen ceiling design

deco industrial kitchen red black

deco industrial kitchen blackboard

deco industrial design kitchen

deco industrial design modern kitchen

elegant industrial deco kitchen

industrial deco open kitchen loungers

industrial deco small kitchen island

white studio style kitchen

kitchen style gray workshop

kitchen style workshop white tile

kitchen style brick workshop

kitchen style workshop deco

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