Kitchen trend: 55 examples with gray color

trendy kitchen gray island fixture design suspension

Looking for kitchen trend ideas for your home? So, consult our file on the gray kitchen which is certainly very fashionable these days! Very few colors have dominated the world of interior decoration like gray in recent years.

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What attracts many people to this color is not only its neutral and easy-to-use appearance, but its universality as well. Having a large number of shades, the gray is perfect for those looking to create a chic and timeless ambiance. As you will see in our gallery of images, it offers plenty of possibilities from the point of view of the design of the interior.

Trendy kitchen color: gray and its pretty shades

kitchen trend design island wood fixture suspension

Shades of gray can make your kitchen look sophisticated and elegant, especially when paired with white furniture. This color combination is recommended for homeowners who wish to have a bright and trendy interior. It will appeal particularly to those who have a kitchen with small windows or who live in a region where it is gray for a good part of the year. On the other hand, the darker shades of gray are preferable for houses flooded with natural light and a rather warm climate.

Kitchen trend idea: use the light shades of gray

open kitchen idea arrange space modern trend

In a kitchen, white and gray have enormous potential. They can easily replace the classic combination of white and black and this can give very good results. Often, we decide to use white as a background nuance in the kitchen. Gray can be used for some furniture or for the central island. This choice is likely to bring a lot of charm and elegance in the interior spaces.

Kitchen and interior trend in gray and red

gray and red kitchen photos

In many modern kitchens, gray successfully replaces white and beige. It is the natural, soft and neutral side of the color that wins it in these two tones. Thanks to these qualities, gray can be used as a base for a decoration with more exspressive and warmer colors, such as red , orange and green. You can see an illustration of this type of interior in the picture above. To achieve a similar atmosphere, you would just buy one or two appliances painted in these bright colors.

Kitchen trendy idea: interior in gray with hanging lights

kitchen decoration ideas wood

Lighting plays a very important role in gray kitchens. A dark-painted space that does not have good lighting can have adverse effects on the mood of its users, not to mention that it will not be practical at all. There, even the simplest tasks will require more effort. For this reason, we advise you to pay a lot of attention to the types of lighting that you will choose for its decoration. They must be in sufficient numbers and placed in all parts of the room where you would need them. And now, select the best way to introduce shades of gray into your home, by examining our record on this trendy kitchen color here:

Kitchen decoration and design with central island

interior design kitchen deco gray

A shade of darker gray

trend kitchen gray wood furniture

Kitchen furniture in gray painted wood

kitchen gray trend luminaire island

Kitchen in trendy gray and orange

deco trend kitchens modern style

Kitchen idea in light gray and white

white furniture gray kitchens

Gray kitchen trend and decoration by Harvey Jones Kitchens

kitchen design trend idea

Kitchen and gray furniture trend idea

gray kitchen furniture trends

Kitchen trend: gray interior with central island

trend deco central island kitchen

Kitchen trend color: gray

trends ideas colors kitchen

Trendy gray kitchen by Kohler

kohler kitchen trend colors

Trendy kitchen decoration with gray color

kitchen gray deco trend

Kitchen decorating idea with decoration in gray

deco kitchen model gray

Kitchen trend with chic countryside decor

trendy rustic kitchen colors

Kitchen trend decoration: hanging lights and gray color

kitchen deco idea color gray

Trendy contemporary kitchen in gray and white

white kitchen decoration

Trendy contemporary style kitchen in white and gray

gray white kitchen decoration

Deco trend of white and gray kitchen

model of kitchen sblanches

Photo of modern and bright kitchen in gray

modern style kitchen photos

Kitchen design and graphic photo

clear kitchen image

small gray kitchen

white kitchen wall painting

kitchen palette of colors trends

gray kitchen design furniture

color painting kitchen modern style

ideas central island kitchen gray

idea of ​​deco custom kitchens

deco kitchen design trend

pictures of light kitchen decorations

gray and wood cooking ideas

rustic kitchen color photos

idee deco gray kitchen green credence

gray kitchen wood flooring

modern trendy kitchen decoration

deco white kitchen gray tile

modern kitchens light gray color

gray kitchen trendy decoration

harmony of colors contemporary design kitchen

gray kitchen decor trendy lamp

black kitchen decoration

graphite kitchen trend

trend colors kitchen industrial style

color and deco contemporary kitchens

latest design kitchen trends

wood kitchen furniture

gray kitchen color palette

modern color gray kitchens

color palette kitchen islands

harmony of colors kitchen modern style

modern furniture kitchen design

attic kitchen

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