Kitchen worktop: choosing the right color

worktop for kitchen idea island stools

Today, the choice of materials and colors for the layout of a kitchen is enormous. Yet, many people feel lost and find that the number of items that must be taken into account to properly equip a kitchen is impossible to master.

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We will reveal some simple tips and secrets that will help you choose the color of your workplan for a harmonious kitchen. All without lists of materials and additional concepts to remember!

Example of a work plan for black kitchen

worktop for kitchen black wood idea

For starters, choosing the color of the kitchen worktop is related to the lighting in the room. In fact, the worktop can quickly become a central element in the room depending on the type of lighting you have chosen. For example, in a kitchen with island and hanging lamps, the work plan will be a central element of the decoration.

How to choose a kitchen worktop and harmonize it with its lighting

worktop for kitchen pierre-noir-meuble-bois

The same goes for kitchens with integrated lighting when it is oriented towards the worktop. If you have a preference for a particular type of lighting or a kind of worktop, make sure that both elements are compatible.

Example of a work plan for white kitchen

work plan for modern wooden kitchen idea

And here, more specifically, how you can decide if a type of lighting is suitable for a worktop or not. As a general rule, darker worktops are suitable for kitchens with suspended lighting or, in any case, with direct light. This must be coming from the space above the worktop.

Worktop for kitchen with contrast

worktop for kitchen idea island wood

Conversely, the worktops of a lighter color match much more easily with parts with indirect light.

How to associate the kitchen worktop with the rest of its furniture

worktop for kitchen gray-bar-counter-white

Second, you can choose a worktop that contrasts with the color of the rest of the furniture or is the same color as this one. On this point, everything depends on your personal preferences.

Example of credence and work plan for harmonious cuisine

ideas worktops modern kitchens

Our advice to make your choice: decide whether you want to create an accent in your kitchen or if you prefer a space with a more uniform atmosphere. In case you are looking to turn the worktop into a decorative accent, choose a pattern that contrasts with the color of the rest of the equipment.

Example of a kitchen worktop in stainless steel

worktop stainless steel kitchens

Third secret to choosing the color of your work plan: think about the harmony between the work plan and the credenza of the kitchen. In many cases, the work plan is in direct contact with the credence. This is the case, in particular, for the space that is near the sink and for the one where your hobs are located.

Black worktop for modern kitchen

deco and work plan black kitchens

For this reason, we advise you to think about the colors of these two elements put together. Here again, you could follow the contrast rule and decide if you want to highlight the credence or the work plan thanks to their color.

How to decide on the ideal color for your kitchen worktop?

worktop for modern kitchen-bar

Many kitchen worktop materials have a special color. For example, worktops made of natural materials such as stone or wood often have very specific nuances. For this reason, do not forget to think about these shades by reflecting on the harmony of colors in your kitchen.

Colors and materials for kitchen worktop - options are endless

worktop for kitchen resin-black-furniture-white

Nowadays, the color options and materials for kitchen worktop are really endless. It is therefore impossible to create an accurate list of all the types of materials and colors to be harmonized. Instead, we offer some principles checked by the pros.

Worktop for glass kitchen

kitchen deco glass

Selecting the color of your kitchen worktop is simpler when you take into account the elements that accompany this component of the interior. But be careful: do not think only in terms of identical colors. The notes and nuances that make up the different colors are just as essential!

Worktop and stone kitchen

plan kitchen natural stone

The kitchen worktop does not have to be the same color as the furniture. In fact, in most modern kitchens, these two elements are complementary or contrasting tones. In the first case, you get a soft decoration. In the second, we show his preference for bold and original deco solutions.

Select your kitchen work plan according to the desired ambience

worktop for wood-rustic kitchen-block-butcher

The modern kitchen worktops occupy a large area of ​​the interior space. Thanks to kitchen islands and bar-shaped dining areas, they provide us with more space; but they also play a more important role in interior decoration.

Itopker kitchen worktop by Inalco

deco kitchen plans work

In the past, much of the meal preparation work was done directly on a table in the kitchen. Today, this solution is replaced by that of the central island. Hence the importance of the color and the material of the worktop for the general atmosphere of the kitchen.

Kitchen worktop ideas - materials and shades according to the spirit of the interior space

worktop island rustic kitchen

The wooden kitchen counter is a timeless and inviting option. We like it for its natural appearance but also for the variety of shades available. Versatile, it can complete any type of kitchen decor.

Worktop for black kitchen and stainless steel wood

kitchens stainless steel worktop

Developing a modern kitchen often involves choosing a stainless steel worktop. Cold and hygienic, this material also seduces us with its neutral tones and its radiance. They blend perfectly with kitchen furniture in trendy tones such as black, white and gray.

Stone kitchen counter for a modern and practical space

decoration kitchen worktop concrete waxed

The different types of stone (marble, granite, quartz ...) are a beautiful decorative solution for a trendy and easy-care kitchen. Available in a very rich range of shades, these counters easily accommodate several colors of kitchen furniture paint!

Resin Work Plans - for those who want to play with colors

what plan work for a white kitchen

Do you like playing with colors? In this case, you probably have a clear preference for resin kitchen countertops. Because, yes, they are made in all possible shades and shades and really give our interiors a made-to-measure appearance.

Worktop ideas for modern kitchen and deco

gray kitchen worktop glass

To discover the variety of colors and materials of kitchen worktops, visit our gallery!

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