Laminate parquet or wooden floor? Make your choice !

Originel solid bamboo flooring

The laminate flooring is an alternative to wood especially from a budget point of view, it is the financial aspect especially that made it so popular with fans of parquet who can not afford the wood.

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But what is a stratified parquet, what are its specificities in terms of resistance to wear compared to wood, is it possible to find laminate that meets certain criteria? environmental , such as VOC emissions, manufacturing process, recycling?

The laminate flooring is an alternative to wood

laminated parquet flooring Ironmill Maple Pergo

While laminated parquet was once a cheap material, a kind of plastic that was cheaper than wood, today it has become a coveted object that fascinates design buffs. interior design. It is largely the evolution of the technology that has allowed an exceptional diversification of laminate flooring giving it its nobility, by the wide choice of finishes, textures, unique renderings it offers.

available in several aspects

parquet laminate different finishes

So today you find signs of laminate that imitate incredibly well the concrete, whether raw or waxed, stone or faience. And the quality of the materials evolving has also allowed a feeling of better quality, more dense elements, for an ever more durable coating over time, it is estimated its longevity between 15 and 50 years. The visible layer of the laminate is a kind of photo, reproducing the appearance of a material, and the texture comes from the molding also of the material from which the laminate is inspired.

rich choice of textures

Armstrong laminate finish

It seems that one of the aspects that stratified parquet can only be with wood, is its natural and relatively healthy side. Laminate releases VOCs, volatile organic compounds, and the only green option is to go to the brands that offer the lowest level of emissions. Only wood can be a source of VOCs, depending on how it was varnished or vitrified. The best advice is to properly inform sellers about their products. See our photos.

the greenest parquet is bamboo

solid bamboo parquet

in the engineered parquet, only the top layer is wood

Woodloft oak engineered hardwood floor Saint Maclou

the wood remains the wood

solid wood flooring

an elegant atmosphere

solid wood flooring

parquet in small bamboo strips

solid bamboo parquet Tao Saint-Maclou

the imperfections real wood

hardwood floor Western Coswick Hardwood Floors

example of engineered laminate flooring

laminated parquet flooring

Canadian Maple Armstrong Engineered Floating Wood Flooring

Coastal Trail laminated floating parquet Armstrong

laminated parquet flooring Dinasty 125 Saint Maclou

floating floor imitating white pine

solid oak wood flooring

laminate parquet office piece

Slate Canyon Elegant Laminate Flooring by Armstrong

laminate parquet elegant kitchen

Hickory Manor laminate flooring by Pergo

laminate flooring Monson Slate by Pergo

Oak Road Oak laminate flooring by Pergo

parquet laminate living room

Whitewashed Beech laminate flooring by Pergo

wood floor vitrified

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