Landscaping landscaping: 45 original ideas

landscaping driveway garden pebbles slab stones

The garden path layout is an essential but often overlooked part of the outdoor setting. Today, we are interested in its many aspects. The paths and garden paths are an almost indispensable element for every outdoor space, regardless of its decorating style and size.

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Garden path landscaping: a subtle way to transform the ambience of the outdoors

slabs landscaping driveway garden gravel

The appearance of a garden path can have a big influence on the look of your garden. In addition, according to the rules of Chinese feng shui art, the shape of an alley and the materials that are used for its manufacture and decoration can affect enormously the atmosphere in the outdoor space and its energy.

Landscaping and multiple functions

landscaping garden path stone house contemporary design

What is the use of garden paths and outdoor paths? The answer to this question may seem obvious but, as we will see, the functions of the aisle are much more numerous than we usually think. Of course, the main role of these elements is to provide a secure and comfortable surface that connects the areas of the green space.

Landscaping of a modern and practical garden path

allees landscaping outside ideas garden swimming pool

This element of the exterior has been created to preserve the appearance of a garden and to allow its owners to cross it easily and without damaging the lawn and living plants.

Landscaping garden: the external paths play several important roles

landscaping stones outside garden gate

In addition to this main function, there are at least five other roles of garden paths. In the first place, they are used to define the boundaries of an area and to give the outside a more organized air. The second function is related to the organization of traffic in the outdoor space.

Idea of ​​landscaping garden driveway

idea entrance house garden driveway contemporary decoration

Outdoor walkways are also part of your garden's look, which means they are used to make it look more interesting. These small paths are attractive and they can simply become a way to invite visitors to a corner of the garden that is particularly interesting. Finally, let us not forget one last function: it is the fact that the outer paths introduce more resistant and natural materials into the landscape, making it more varied and more aesthetic.

Garden path and natural decoration from the outside

small allees outdoor stone garden

And precisely, sometimes the garden paths are arranged simply because they give the space a look more attractive and prettier. For example, an outdoor stone or paved driveway can contrast sharply with the surrounding greenery and can therefore serve as a natural decorative element.

The shapes of garden paths and their influence on the outside

photo garden path outdoor landscaping

Paths are also being built in a garden to introduce more curved shapes and more movement. According to Chinese feng shui art, this type of outdoor paths allow energy to circulate in space in a calm manner and positively charge the landscape. On the contrary, garden paths that cross the exterior from one end to the other without any detours make the flow of energy faster, which contributes to high stress rates.

Landscaping of garden: different functions according to its place in the outside

landscaping garden driveway

Garden paths also play an important role in the entrance areas of the house. Here, they determine the general atmosphere of the garden and announce to the visitors of the house what is the atmosphere in the whole space where they will enter.

How to create an aesthetic and original garden path

deco garden zen design garden paths design

How to create an outdoor space with aesthetic and original aisles? This task does not have to be performed by a professional. Everyone can invent a way to organize the paths of his garden.

Photo of small outdoor garden and development of interesting paths

contemporary design garden pathway

To do this, first choose the function of your garden path. Will it aim to protect the lawn of your outdoor space or will it rather serve to embellish it? What other functions will it perform?

Landscaping garden: choose the size of its aisles

landscaping garden pathway idea deco entrance house

To build an alley or a garden path, think about the areas that they will connect and the number of people who will use them. For example, if you need to connect heavily used areas, plan to build your driveway over a larger area. We also advise you to respect the same rule for the paths of entry of house for which it is necessary to envisage on average a surface of 1, 2 meters minimum.

Garden paths are part of an outdoor ensemble

garden alley stone decoration zen

The aisles are nicer when they have curved shapes, but not all spaces lend themselves to the creation of such elements. Try to follow the natural look of the outdoor space and make your garden paths a natural part. Laneways are not just lanes; they divide space visually and serve as boundaries. Keep this in mind to avoid creating oddly divided spaces.

Landscaped garden layout and house entry deco

alley house entrance garden exterior modern design

Modern garden driveway for house entrance courtyard

slabs landscaping modern garden path

The layout of an outdoor space must always be done with a specific objective. The decorative aisles play a different role compared to those located in the space in front of the house. The former are intended to fit into the natural landscape while the latter have a more practical purpose and must therefore provide direct access to the front door of your building.

Modern garden pathway layout: choosing a good lighting

house alleys landscaping modern gardens

Lighting is an essential element in the layout of garden paths. Not only can he highlight them and emphasize the beauty of the plants or decorations around the aisles; it also guarantees the safety of the users of these paths.

Modern garden paths and choice of borders to highlight them

photo garden allee external borders

Modern style border for garden path

borders allees dry garden modern outdoor idea

The edges of the garden paths are just as important as the paths themselves. They protect the surface of the aisles and indicate the limits of a pedestrian zone. On the other hand, they prevent weeds from spreading and thus facilitate the maintenance of the outside. To have a harmonious garden, try to associate the borders of your aisles with the look of these and with the design of the entire outdoor space.

Idea of ​​decoration of a garden path with relaxation area

lawn deco allee garden stone

Contemporary garden walkway decoration with water fountain

landscaping garden path object modern decoration

The space around the aisles can be decorated in many ways. In a large garden, with longer walkways, these decorations could include rest areas with benches. In a small exterior, we will decorate an alley with a fountain or a statue that will serve as an accent in the outdoor space.

Garden path made of pebbles and water fountain

modern garden path gravel sand

Create a water garden path

landscaped garden path aquatic ponds

If you like fountains and ponds and if you have the opportunity to build one at home, why not consider installing it next to a driveway? This would be a particularly interesting solution that will evoke the image of a Italian garden .

Natural decoration of garden path with flowers


Plants are the most natural decorations of paths and borders. This type of decoration is particularly interesting when it plays on the contrasts between the colors of the flowers and those of the surface of the alley.

Ornate her mosaic garden path

pebble paths outdoor decoration garden

Idea to make an original garden path

images of original garden path

The decoration can also be integrated into the aisles themselves, especially when they are inspired by floor mosaics.

Enhance your garden path

photo allees garden deco flower

The most beautiful and natural alleys fit effortlessly into the outdoor area and highlight the rest of the decorations in the garden. Choosing a curved shape for your driveway is always a good idea because straight paths are not suitable for all outdoor landscapes.

Garden paths as decorative elements in the outdoor area

vintage garden aisle design idea

The aisles do not have the function to ensure only access to an area of ​​the garden, they are also a decorative element in the design of the exterior. The large gardens will benefit enormously from one or more paths, even if these are not necessarily necessary from a practical point of view.

Landscaping of contemporary design house garden

garden pathway layout deco entrance house exterior modern

Garden path made of pebbles and concrete slabs

idea alley garden landscaping modern exterior

Nowadays, there is a wide range of materials for creating garden paths. These materials are to choose not only according to their appearance but also according to the role of the path. Thus, the house entrance aisles are generally decorated with more solid surfaces, non-slippery and, more generally, which do not pose a health problem to their users. Stone and wood slabs are perfect examples of this kind of surfaces.

Landscaping landscaping: a wide range of materials

original alley outside modern deco

Garden path in durable and organic material

landscaping garden path zen decoration

Materials such as pebbles, gravel and sand are preferably used for the decoration of a path within the garden itself. On the other hand, they are much less common in the decorations of driveways.

Stone garden path

allee-entrance path garden stone slabs

Photo of original stone garden path for small outdoor

exterior landscaping house allee entree

Stone walkways and stone materials are probably the most sustainable option for an outdoor area. In addition, their pose is usually very easy!

Garden decoration in Mediterranean style with driveways

outdoor garden pathway eastern deco

Paving stones are another very common choice for creating garden paths, especially when these are located near a patio or terrace. Thanks to the wide variety of colors and shapes available, they give a touch of originality to the exteriors they adorn.

Landscaping of garden paths in design concrete slabs

Concrete slabs allees modern garden

Concrete is a very trendy material for interior or exterior decoration of contemporary homes. The large concrete and stone slabs are particularly suitable for modern and minimalist gardens.

Idea of ​​modern garden courtyards of indoor courtyard

landscaped garden pathway deco modern concrete

Modern garden paths and green lawn

idea landscaping modern outdoor garden path

When placed directly on the lawn, the slabs are even more chic and natural. And, in addition, they inspire a Zen atmosphere!

A wooden garden path, is it a good idea?

landscaped garden driveway house wood entrance

The wood is another solution for the realization of an original garden path. Like stone, wood is an organic material and ideal for exteriors inspired by natural decoration and Zen design. Less durable than stone, it must be maintained with the protection of its surface against mold and insects that will attack.

Garden path stone and pebbles for a zen decoration of the outside

landscaped garden path japanese idea

Zen-inspired garden walkway idea

garden path sand stone

Gravel is another very trendy solution right now. Inspired by dry gardens and rock gardens, its frequent use is also explained by the fact that it requires little maintenance and is characterized by a very modern air.

Organic stone garden driveway with natural decoration

landscaping alleys stone

Natural stone is probably the most coveted material for landscaping paths and garden paths. Organic and authentic, the stone comes in different shades that will easily adapt to all styles of gardens and all climates.

Materials for garden path: multicolored bricks

images garden path plant border

Small garden path in brick and green space

paved garden pathway decoration entrance house

Finally, bricks are another landscaping material for garden paths. They adapt well to all forms of outdoor space and all types of paths. And, in addition, they make the atmosphere more warm thanks to their warm and pleasant color!

Image of garden path and terrace of contemporary style

modern terrace and garden allees

Garden entrance of house with modern design garden driveway model

garden path entrance deco houses design exterior

Photo of garden driveway of house entrance design by Borden Landscape

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