Landscaping: what are the trends?

landscaping idea flowers toscania

In landscaping , the most important is the vision. We can say that an exceptional landscaping is inspired by a founding idea, a line of conduct around which will be able to combine the design of your external environment .

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A landscape architect juggles with several different concepts of architecture and engineering, whether in landscape management, the environment, or in the organization of material vegetal , choice of plants, knowledge of their growth and ideal conditions for each species.

know how to manage several aspects

tuscany garden landscaping fountain

In addition to his theoretical background, a landscape architect must be able to inject into a project his personal touch, unique style and creativity. Everyone has a clear idea of ​​what he does not want in terms of landscaping in his garden, sometimes our ideas are a bit vague, but we know what we would like when we see a completed and finished project with elegance and good taste. This is where a landscape , to make sure that our dreams can be realized, according to our projects but within the framework of the possibilities that the technique allows.

Japanese-inspired landscaping

landscaping japanese garden design idea trend

In choosing a landscaping, it will be important to plan well its execution and that it is also well organized. For this, it will choose a style, which will be the founder of the rest of the development, this style allows us to follow our course of action by integrating, knowingly, additions made possible by the style chosen. There is for example the Tuscan style, which provides several landscaped areas, with fountains, Mediterranean plants and stones. The nature and rustic style, plans to insert stones, local shrubs, and natural materials. With vintage furniture, and vintage items for accessories. The Zen or Japanese garden gives pride of place to the harmony, and the different textures, with some oriental elements. Be inspired by our selection of landscaped gardens.

Idea landscaping

landscaping idea garden flowers

the Tuscan style with its fountains

landscaping fountain stone

importance of plant selection

landscaping fig tree pot

shrubs that can be moved

landscaping laurel pots

Tuscan style and its olive trees

landscaping olive pots

consider planting a pergola

landscaping pergola wood

rustic and dry wall layout

landscaping wall stones

an air of Provence

Tuscany style lavender landscaping

no Tuscany without vineyards

landscaping pergola vines

Typical landscaping of Tuscany

typical Tuscany landscaping

Landscaping and flower garden

landscaping garden flowers

Landscaping in Japanese style

landscaping japanese garden

bins water stone terrace

vintage metal fence

modern pebble pool

shade plant cover

idea landscaping terrace water basin minimalist

traditional stone wall


pergola summer kitchen

pergola terrace wisteria

aquatic plants stone terrace

classic flower pot

bucket rosemary thoughts

terrace arranged basin plants

Japanese terrace arranged cascade

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