Large contemporary and conceptual house designed by Yuri Vital

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This big house design was designed by the architect Yuri Vital. She is located in Tibau do Sul, at Brazil.

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The main material used for its construction is concrete. What is its specificity and what makes its unique design and design? The house is actually composed of two separate parts connected by an external staircase. In this way, the social area is clearly divided from the private area: the bedrooms. Let's discover in pictures his impressive design and the key elements of its layout as well as its decoration.

Large designer house designed by designer Yuri Vital

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One of the two parts is entirely devoted to the social zone. The living room, dining area and kitchen are in one large room, surrounded by large windows and concrete walls. Its design is modern with elements of the industrial style. When preparing the meal, we drink a drink or relax on the sofa, the windows overlooking the surrounding scenic landscape.

This large design house has two parts connected by a staircase

large contemporary home modern design outdoor wood staircase

In addition to the living room, on the roof of the house there is a lounge area overlooking the beach. The exterior layout offers ideal comfort to fully enjoy the sun and evenings outdoors. To access it, you have to take the stairs.

A terrace on the roof to enjoy the outdoors with pleasure

big house outdoor design idea arrange modern terrace

Going down the stairs, you have access to the area at the back of the house, where are the private area with the bedrooms. The walls are clad in wood for a warm and intimate look. Here, concrete is also very present, but this time the wood is the dominant material.

The living room on the left, the staircase connecting in the middle and the bedrooms on the right

large house design staircase trend modern exterior landscaping

The outdoor area below the private area is an area for recreation and relaxation. It is furnished with two wooden coffee tables and two comfortable and elegant armchairs with black leather seats.

The external staircase is very big

big house design wood terrace staircase trend

Below you can see the outside stairs that connect the two parts of the house: the private area on the left and the social area on the right. The construction is mainly concrete, but to distinguish the two parts and their functions, the designer decided to develop one of wood and concrete and the other glass and concrete.

The space between the two parts constituting the house is occupied by a large external staircase

big house design brazil wood staircase

The stairs connect the main living area with roof where the outdoor lounge is located.

The staircase is very big and leads to the roof

outdoor staircase house design idea arrange

The floor-to-ceiling windows offer picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. In addition, they make the living room, the dining room and the kitchen very bright and even more open and spacious. This layout is rather minimalist with touches of industrial style. The decoration is very little present.

The social area is furnished with bay windows and concrete: below we see the living room, the dining room and the open kitchen

large house design sofa beige design outdoor chair

For moments of intimacy or when watching a movie, big curtains have been put to hide the windows. Above we see the lounge area with designer furniture.

Curtains for moments of intimacy

house design modern architecture idea arrange

The lounge area on the roof: everything to make the most of the outdoors and the surrounding landscape

big house terrace wood table design sofa

Relax on the roof or lower level below the social zone

house conceptual design modern layout idea staircase trend

Conceptual, unusual and very original design designed by the creator Yuri Vital

house architecture design idea chair wood panel glass staircase

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