Large golden mirror: ideas for a successful interior decoration

photo deco wall large golden mirror

This publication, through a series of tips and examples in pictures, will teach you how to successfully integrate a large golden mirror in your decoration.

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In modern houses, the mirrors can accomplish several functions: reflecting the light, visually enlarging the interior space or, simply, serving as beautiful accents and complementing the ambience in a room. Among all the mirrors on the market today, the large golden mirror is distinguished by its imposing and luxurious appearance. It is a piece of furniture that does not go unnoticed and you have to know how to use it if you want to highlight it and associate it with its decor in a successful way. Let's see how to get rid of this type of furniture.

The large golden mirror how focal point in your interior

baroque deco design furniture

The large mirror with gold frame will comfortably cover the function of a focal point in every room of the house. In this role, it can be hung on a wall but also placed on the floor, next to a design armchair or a standing luminaire. To further highlight its beauty, put a lamp next to your mirror: it will shine its surface and produce beautiful games of shadows and lights.

Large golden mirror modern style reflecting decorative objects on coffee table

Luxurious Interior Deco Large Golden Mirror

Also be aware that mirrors should not be installed anywhere in the room. When one chooses the location of such an object (and especially when it is of a large size), it is necessary to think not only of the other pieces of furniture, which are next to it, but also of those who are opposite and will be reflected by its surface. Try to adjust your mirror so that you can see the most interesting and beautiful objects in the room: elegant chandeliers, works of art or even a beautiful bathtub , for example.

Large golden mirror used for decorating a staircase

ideas deco stairs mirror frames gold

The large mirrors are successful in decorating small spaces, corridors and stairs. In a minimal surface room, they will create an illusion of depth and bring more light. Corridors and stairs are transition spaces that will become more pleasant and appear more spacious with such furniture. On the other hand, avoid placing a mirror on the ceiling in your bedroom: some might find it to be an expression of bad taste.

Large golden mirror and luxury bathroom decor

bathroom decoration mirror baroque design

If you want to use a large mirror in a living room with a fireplace, think about the possibility of placing it on top of it. This is a solution that will make your stay more welcoming and attract good energy, according to feng shui rules. Always according to this art of decoration, it would be necessary to avoid putting a mirror in front of the bed in the room because that could attract the bad energy towards the person who is reflected there. To avoid sleep disturbances, put it where you can use it without seeing it directly when you wake up! Here are some tips and tricks for using this type of beautiful object in your home. And now, you can look at the rest of our images to select a golden mirror model and see even more decoration suggestions:

Living room decoration with wallpapers and large Akira modern-style golden mirror by Howard Elliott

living room large mirror modern design

Large golden mirror with rectangular shape for wall decoration

large mirror modern wall decoration

Living room decoration and mirror with gold frame

photo salon deco frame mirror gold

Modern bathroom with large baroque mirror

modern bathroom decoration baroque mirrors

Photo deco of house with gold mirror

photo house deco mirrors gold

Standing mirror with gold frame for bedroom decor

baroque golden mirror room on foot

Luxury bathroom gold mirrors

luxury bathroom decor

Large golden mirror in the baroque bathroom

bathroom mirrors bathroom baroque style

Large golden mirror and bedroom decor

mirror furniture dore deco parental suite

Baroque design mirror and luxury lounge decor

baroque mirror decoration luxury design houses

Luxury decoration and interior design with mirror

decoration with mirror luxury interior design

Mirror with gold frame and interior decoration

mirror ideas gold interior decoration

Furniture for dining room decoration: large modern golden mirror

furniture deco dinette mirrors dores

Baroque fireplace mantel and mirror

deco of fireplace baroque mirrors

Living room interiors and large golden mirror

wall decoration idea large golden mirror

deco wall living room mirror dore

gold deco mirror baroque room

deco stay large round mirror

large golden mirror idea deco living room

large mirror decoration fireplace

large golden mirror deco living room living room

interior decoration large neo baroque mirror

decoration modern living room mirrors dores

fireplace deco salon mirror golden

mirror wall decoration

interior decoration house large golden mirror

baroque style decoration large golden mirror

photo deco fireplace mirror gold

deco mirror design furniture louis xv

luxury baroque furniture decoration

red living baroque mirrors

luxury room decor mirror gold baroque style

interior baroque room large golden mirror

luxury bathroom mirror

interior layout living room large golden mirror

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