Lawn Care: Tips for Green Lawn

lawn care green lawn

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Find out here what are the tips for a successful lawn care and a green lawn in perfect condition. How's your lawn lately?

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If you have noticed problems in your garden that was otherwise in good shape, or if you think the grass on your lawn is struggling to survive, it's time to take charge. Here are some helpful tips for effectively maintaining your lawn, identifying potential problems, and overcoming the most common challenges.

Lawn Care: tips for green lawn and in good condition

green lawn care lawn care

Let's start at the beginning because, in some cases, the maintenance problem lawn could simply be related to forgetting or lack of sufficient information. Do you fertilize your lawn too much? This may seem surprising, but if you use too much fertilizer on your lawn, you also encourage weeds and diseases that ravage it. It is true, some specialists recommend fertilizing your lawn several times a year, but others believe that only once would be enough. That is why we advise you to consult an expert to know which is the best time of the year to fertilize the lawns according to your region and its climate.

Lawn care: terrace with green lawn in good condition

green lawn care lawn spring

Second, avoid fertilizers with chemicals that are too strong. Certainly, these products can grow your lawn to grow, temporarily, faster and become greener. But this rapid growth does not promote the sustainable development of a healthy herb. For this reason, we recommend using organic and ecological fertilizers, such as JBT Bio , for example. This is a good solution not only for the lawn in your garden, but also for all the inhabitants of your home who are in contact with this lawn.

Lawn with pretty flowers

lawn maintained green lawn spring

Another helpful tip is to not cut the grass off your grass too low. As a general rule, avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the height of the grass at one time. If you are tempted to cut short, consider that the higher grass makes the soil cooler. Finally, watering side, it is better to water your lawn once or twice a week for longer, which is, according to specialists, a more effective option than watering for a few minutes every day.

Green lawn terrace in good condition

terrace green lawn and lawn maintenance

Lawn Care: Sowing Grass

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Modern house with green lawn

how to maintain your lawn

Lawn and Home Maintenance with Green Lawn

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Contemporary house with beautiful lawn

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Lawn care and nice garden with grass in good condition

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Garden with grass in good condition

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