Learn the guitar alone with MI Guitar

learn the guitar alone course guitar tuning

Learning the guitar alone is no longer a challenge with the MI Guitar, an electric guitar created by Magic Instruments. What is special about her? It allows everyone to play the instrument instantly, no matter if he is a beginner or if he is a confirmed player who wants to learn the chords of a new song.

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Learn the guitar alone with the MI Guitar

learn the guitar alone beginner MI Guitar

How it works ? According to the explanations of the web page of this electric guitar (and magic!), MI Guitar is a new generation instrument. We take it in hand and we start playing like a pro in just a few moments. The instrument has been designed for people who are looking for an easy and fast guitar lesson. It will also be useful for those who do not have a great experience but would like to try to compose their own music.

Learn the guitar alone with tools of a new generation

to learn the guitar guitar only beginner modern guitar

Like a classical guitar, MI Guitar has strings. But, in addition to all the usual device of this kind of instrument, it is also equipped with buttons on his sleeve. Just press one of these buttons to play a sequence of chords from one of your favorite songs. Cool, is not it?

How to learn the guitar alone with a smartphone or tablet app

lecons play guitar app smartphone

An application accompanies this magic product. It is available for iOS and Android and works on both smartphone and tablet. His catalog contains hundreds of popular songs. Thanks to this app, you can start playing your favorite songs in a few minutes: it will display the lyrics of the song and indicate which buttons correspond to the chords of the chosen song. Just follow these directions to play as the best guitarist in the world!

The MI Guitar exists in black or white version

guitar for beginner online

The equipment of the instrument that allows everyone to learn the guitar alone

MI Guitar debutant how to play quickly

You can buy the lyrics and chords of a song for about 90 cents or subscribe for the whole catalog for about 5.30 euros. The app also offers a free trial period of 30 days.

Play where you want and anything you want

chords electric guitar smartphone mi guitar

This instrument is ideal for beginners who are eager to play and have fun with their friends . With MI Guitar, they will be able to reproduce much faster the chords that would normally take a few weeks to learn. As a result, the whole process of learning will become faster.

A guitar for beginners passionate about music

mi guitar how to play the guitar alone

According to some music professionals like Matt Bellany of the British group Muse, this instrument is a practical tool that allows beginners to take a first step into the world of music. universe of music . The guitar would also be useful for singers and musicians who do not master this instrument and it would facilitate the work of songwriting.

An electric guitar unlike any other

beginner guitar learn to play guitar

Learn the guitar alone faster and easier

electric guitars how to play alone

MI Guitar was designed by the San Francisco-based Magic Instruments team, which has called for funding for the instrument. It can now be pre-ordered online as part of the product fundraising campaign (link at the end of this article). To learn more about how MI Guitar works, watch the video at the bottom of the page!

Have fun everywhere with the app that comes with MI Guitar

MI Guitar beginners guitar courses music chords

Learn the guitar alone with MI Guitar: how it works

Pictures of the MI Guitar by Magic Instruments

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