LED design lamp with integrated mini garden

design LED work desk lamp

Unfortunately, we are not all lucky enough to live in a beautiful house with a large green and refreshing garden. Nowadays, we are often forced to live in very small apartments or houses and go for a walk in the urban parks. the weekend to enjoy nature.
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If you are in the same situation, we may have the solution for you: the design lamp LED with a mini integrated garden. But what is it and how does it work?

LED design lamp with integrated mini garden

LED garden design lamp

The LED design lamp , Called Grasslamp, is a very interesting combination of gardening, interior design and ultra modern design. This is a very beautiful table lamp that can grow small plants such as agropyrum, for example, using only water and water. LED light without needing land. Simply put a few well-watered seeds on the lid and spray them with water several times a day and they will grow. In a few days you will have a piece of nature on your desk or on the bedside table in the room.

Ultra modern design lamp with LED light

ultra modern LED design lamp

The lamp can be placed on the desk, bedside table or coffee table

modern LED bedside lamp

Just a few seeds to create a mini garden on the lamp

LED lamp deco elegante idea

LED design lamp with garden

modern design LED lamp

LED lamp contemporary design idea

ultra modern garden LED lamp

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