Leisure garden: Ideas relaxation and recreation outdoors

hobby garden idea table deco flowers pot

The weather is nice and we all want to spend more time in nature. For interesting and relaxing moments, discover our garden leisure ideas ! Below, a presentation of 50 images with tips to spend good time with family or friends in your gardens.

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A day by the pool

relaxation pool idea garden chaise longue

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, we immediately think of the pleasant moments at the water's edge. If you have a pool, this is the place to relax. It's a nice garden fun idea that invites you to move - so, it's good too for your health! And to those who have a small garden, we advise them to visit our gallery of mini pools full of clever ideas.

Garden Leisure: Outdoor Activities

garden hobby outdoors

You have certainly noticed that the time spent in your garden makes you immediately calmer and contributes to the balance of your body. Indeed, nature helps us to reduce the level of stress. That's why, if you have a hobby that you can practice outside, we advise you to do it. The gardening , for example, is one of the best ways to relax after a long week of work or even during your vacation. In addition, the pretty colors of the flowers and their aromas have proven beneficial effects on those who feel tense or tired.

Fun DIY idea: mosaics

leisure garden idea decoration outdoor mosaic flowers

If you do not like gardening, you can choose DIY. Practiced outdoors, this activity will allow you to create accessories for the outside of your home. We offer a beautiful project brico and garden leisure: mosaics. They can be made of recycled elements, such as pieces of glass bottles or multicolored windows. It is also possible to create mosaics using small stones, as you can see in our gallery. Mosaics are, moreover, a beautiful decorative object which will attract attention in your garden.

Creative and refreshing idea: fountains and ponds

pond with fish outdoors ideas

For particularly hot days, here is another idea brico and leisure garden: the fountain or outdoor pool. Easy to make using stones or old clay vases, for example, the fountains will give you the opportunity to spend some refreshing moments near the water.

For the pleasure of cooking

recreation kitchens garden decoration

If you are a food lover, you will surely love the following proposal: cooking in your garden. Eh yes ! Cooking outdoors is possible thanks to the outdoor cooking areas equipped with everything you need for your delicious dishes. And so that we can have fun, what better than cooking for his relatives in the open air? You can see more pictures of pretty outdoor kitchen corners in the gallery below.

Organize a party in the garden

party ideas bar garden parties

Leisure idea garden always present for evenings: organize a garden party! For your party, you can plan a small bar with refreshing drinks. You can also ask your friends and guests to prepare some of the dishes to taste. A garden party is always fun and it does not require much effort. And to be well prepared, you can bring a fridge bar, like the one on the picture on the right, creation of Keter.


swing leisure relaxation outdoors

Finally, our garden leisure idea relax: relax with a beautiful book or spend pleasant moments with your loved ones.

Why not organize a tea party?

law garden idea flowers deco table

Relax by the pool

pond small house hobbies

Swing for relaxing moments in the garden

relax patio hammock

Outdoor relaxation

leisure garden flowers idea relaxation

DIY idea: make mosaics

idea brico make garden accessories mosaic

Idea relaxation corner for adults and children

idea tents gardens decorate recreation

Leisure area: the pool

swimming pools small garden recreation

Idea for decoration and organization of a garden party

party outside party idea

Garden leisure idea for a quiet evening in love

leisure garden romantic furniture

Cook outside and please your loved ones

cook gardens outside idea

Make a decoration for your garden

outdoor mosaics decoration

Work for your plants outdoors

garden leisure ideas outdoors flowers

Create water fountains ...

fountains create original garden

... or build a small outdoor pool

DIY ponds for garden do

Install a sprinkler

fountains idea garden decorations

Have fun with your loved ones

relaxation area for garden furniture

Relax with a beautiful book

outdoor furniture chair relax

outdoor leisure mini pool

outdoor pools garden ideas

pond idea for gardens

garden small pools decoration

garden furniture recreation

garden furniture patio relax

relax furniture outdoor leisure

relax furniture garden ideas

pretty pools for garden

beautiful outdoor pool garden

garden ideas relaxation area

leisure idea small outdoor pool

idea garden parties outdoor leisure

nature swing garden recreation

garden party area

garden party garden party ideas

tinker fountains garden hobby

outdoor fountain brico for garden

fountain DIY leisure garden

garden party garden idea decoration

relaxation leisure hobbies gardening

relax outdoor furniture leisure

design mosaic garden ideas

kitchens garden hobby bbq

decoration outdoor kitchen bar gardens

outdoor kitchens bars garden layout

deco house outdoor pools

outdoor bar kitchens garden

hammocks spaces leisure garden

outdoor leisure idea hammocks

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