Living on a houseboat: yes, it's possible!

modern houseboat house design

Have you ever wanted to live on the water with your family? If so, then you are not the only ones! Today we are going to present you a barge designed and decorated to meet the needs of a Dutch family passionate about life on the water.

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The architects office BYTR Architecten helped the family to turn their houseboat into a real comfortable house in the Utrecht canal in the Netherlands.

Modern barge located in the Utrecht canal in the Netherlands

modern canal houseboat Netherlands

In addition to the desire to live on the water, the family also wanted the barge to be arranged in such a way that no one could see inside, but at the same time offer from inside a view of the water. park opposite. Different levels have been created on the boat some of which are above while others below the water. Access to the boat is possible thanks to a small footbridge. Inside, one is greeted by a skylight through which are seen treetops.

The barge viewed from the side

barge modern-levels-different

Inside the boat is clear and airy. A touch of wood with the dining table "breaks" the interior all in white. In the sitting area, the wooden floor creates heat, just like the fireplace. A small closet offers storage space for books and televisions, followed by a nice reading corner. The horizontal layout of the kitchen benefits from the length of the houseboat. The staircase leads to the bedroom, the bathroom which includes the washing machine and the dryer. Outside, a small wooden terrace allows you to enjoy the beautiful view.

Access to the boat is from a small bridge

modern small bridge houseboat

The boat has several levels

comfortable modern design houseboat

Decoration of the boat inside

interior barge modern amenagement

The entrance to the boat with a large skylight

modern deco boat interior

Modern design kitchen

modern boat kitchen interior

Kitchen design with wooden furniture

boat interior deco kitchen

boat deco interior kitchen

houseboat dining room

boat amenagement corner salon

indoor boat living room reading area

white minimalist interior boat

boat deco bathroom

boat deck deco wood

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