Living room decoration: space, function and aesthetics

living room decoration idea design furniture deco plant

What living room decoration to choose ? On the rainy days of spring, refreshing the interior can be a very relaxing and, of course, creative activity.

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Realize your own decoration or buy design objects, depends on you. Today, we present a selection of decorative objects, designed by contemporary designers or to make yourself, for the living room decor.

Living room decoration: space, function and aesthetics

living room decoration design lighting suspension modern wooden table

The place of decoration in interior design is redefined and takes very different forms. In general, we call "decoration", objects that have only one function: to decorate. In the minimalist design, the decoration is often absent or very little present. She is also the last to work. But what is "decoration" in reality? In the following lines, we will try to expand the sometimes restricted notion of "decoration" by making you discover our gallery of objects, to buy or do it yourself. They are more than decorative pieces, they are objects both aesthetic and practical.

Living room decoration: minimalism

decoration living room flowers bouquet hanging idea lamp

Spring and summer are associated with flowers, the sun and bright, bright colors. To bring back the light spirit of the beautiful days in your living room, decorate your furniture with flowers and plants in pink, white and green. Bouquet flowers always attract attention with their natural charm, but unfortunately they do not last long. The flower pots, especially the succulents, will last a long time if you take enough care.

Living room decoration with succulents and terrariums

decoration living room terrarium idea design living room

We often forget that each element in an interior is, in fact, part of what is called "decoration". The color of the walls, the floor covering and the furniture are the elements of the interior of the living room that herald the atmosphere in general. Some contemporary designers create furniture with a highly worked aesthetic, objects of art, both practical and decorative. This is the case of the design company Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Design wooden stools by Republic of Fritz Hansen: ideal element for industrial style living room

stool wood design interior living room decoration parquet wood

The Republic of Fritz Hansen is a design company specializing in the production of furniture, objects and design lighting. It is composed of a large group of contemporary designers and creators. Their "Objects" collection, comprising twelve elements, was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2016. This collection is the result of a collaboration of the best Danish designers, including Wednesday Architecture, Jaime Hayon, and Studio Roso.

Wooden table from the "Objects" collection by Fritz Hansen presented at Salone del Mobile

table wood living room design deco idea objects design

The collection includes furniture, candle holders, vases, cushions, a decorative mirror, woolen blankets, a wooden tray and others. All its elements can be separated or put in the same set. The collection is minimalist in inspiration with a touch of refined exclusivity.

Wooden tray and golden candlesticks from the "Objects" collection

decoration living room design candle holder tray wood flowers cushions sofa

Design objects always look good, but their price is often high. To decorate the interior beautifully, the big spend is not necessarily necessary. There are many techniques and ideas online how to create an elegant and sophisticated interior design at a low price and with great imagination. Do you like them origami ? This art, of Japanese origin, often forgotten by adults, is actually a fabulous way to create figurines, lamps and original decorations. All you need is colored or patterned paper.

Decorate her interior with origamis and design wooden table

decoration origami idea table design modern ideas

The furniture can be a nice accent in your living room. It will then be easy enough to choose other elements that will match with your sofa, chair and table. Below, we see a minimalist style interior, furnished with a pink armchair and pouf, matching the gilded lamp and wall frames.

Scandinavian style living room where the focus is on designer furniture

living room decoration idea wall frames armchair pink ottoman

The trend of this season, in design and fashion, is that of light colors. Pink, blue, white, these are the favorite colors of the creators this year. The atmosphere is floral and mineral.

Living room decorated with carpets, cushions and two wall mirrors

decoration living room sofa cushions wall idea ottoman blue carpet floor blue

Staying minimalist does not mean staying simplistic. Knowing how to play with colors and textures is important to successfully design and decorate a space. Sometimes only one element is enough to change the mood of a room.

Chair, armchair type, wooden and large flowerpot

arrange living room design idea chair wood flowerpot design

Have you already chosen the lighting for your living room? If you have not even thought about it, take a look at this beautiful green light of original design, designed by the designer Matali Crasset:

Designer lamp made of whisks by Matali Crasset

modern industrial design lamp green lamp

Thanks to its originality and its green color, it can become a beautiful decorative element in a wide variety of interior styles.

The green lamp by Matali Crasset in suspended version

lamp design living room decorate deco ceiling idea modern design

For those who do not wish to install lights on the ceiling or wall, the company has created this lamp foot with a lampshade made of seaweed ..!

Foot lamp with algae shade

modern design foot lamp design seaweed algae idea

Creative furniture never goes unnoticed. If you are rather minimalist, the choice of an original wooden furniture, you can be enough for the decoration of your space.

Table design geometric shape and very original,

wooden table design modern interior furniture wood living room

Alijou Company has designed a collection of wooden interior furniture for the development of social areas or private rooms. The collection includes a bookcase, a table, another cabinet and a lamp.

The collection of Alijou

wooden furniture design bookcase living room wooden table

The furniture is very original with its unusual geometric shapes. Geometry is always present.

Wooden design bookcase

bookcase wood design modern furniture wood living room idea

Copper is also a material very present in the layout and contemporary decoration. It brings an industrial and chic look at the same time. Below, a collection of copper objects:

Decorative objects in copper

objects design copper plant fat pot flowers idea

As we already mentioned in a previous article , the Shabby Chic style and the Hippie style are again very trendy in 2016. Jewel or wall decoration, suspensions with feathers and other elements of ethnic style are chic and elegant.

Suspension in Hippie style and mineral rocks

decoration living room suspension idea design plants modern rock

Do your walls seem empty? Decorate them with modern art! Find a curious painting at the garage sale, buy a work in a gallery or paint a room yourself, anything is possible. The framework is not to be neglected.

Modern art for living room walls

decoration living room modern art idea table design lamp walk flowers

His futuristic vases are simply awesome! Designed by Jeff Zimmerman, they are available in three different colors.

Futuristic Vases by Jeff Zimmerman

vases design modern interior decoration living room object design

The company Fritz Hansen also exhibited, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, this decorative mirror that reflects and illuminates the space. It can bring a pleasant mysterious side to your mood.

Decorative mirror with reflections by Fritz Hansen

design living room decoration interior modern mirror deco wall idea

Christian Wassmann is a young designer, passionate about the basic needs of a person living in the urban space and the integration of geometric and versatile furniture. In the image below, the artist has married five objects of everyday life: a pillow, a stool / chair, a table, a lamp / optical device and a vase.

A Scandinavian living room, Christian Wassman design

interior design living room decoration wall table table wood cushion

Wassmann see these existential objects. They invite the human body to experience using them. Each of the five objects in the exhibition is based on one of the five platonic solids - tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron - a series of four, six, eight, twelve, and twenty-sided symmetrical polygons, which were a source of wonder among artists, philosophers and designers since antiquity.

Chair / armchair Carvel Chair by Déanta and inspired by the shapes and the wood of the boats

wooden armchair design living room arrange deco lamp idea

More and more, geometry is invading space and everyday life. Man needs to rationalize this space to better understand and live. This year's trend is halfway between the laid-back hippie side and the Scandinavian geometry side: stripes and geometric shapes meet suspensions with feathers and pearls.

Decorate the walls with modern art

interior decoration living room art modern painting wall side table

Each element of your interior, furniture or object, is part of the decor and atmosphere of the living room. Below, we see a coffee table with feet made in glass bottles. Elegant and simple, it is not very difficult to manufacture at home. To decorate and decorate is done at the same time.

Coffee table with legs in glass bottles

coffee table wood bottle decorate idea living room diy

Without doubt, the best spring and summer decoration are flowers and green plants. If you want to dress them in beauty, Time Fold designed a range of very elegant vases:

Vase design by Time Fold, Ritual Objects

white design vase idea living room deco flowers

The Republic of Frits Hansen has also designed glass vases, of simple and elegant design.

Wooden table and glass vase by Fritz Hansen

table wood decoration living room flowers idea coffee table wood

It is also possible to give a little life to your old flower pots and vases by painting them in different shades.

Pots of white flowers painted in different colors

colorful flower pots idea design living room decor

Often, one or two objects are enough to decorate a space beautifully. To privilege the minimalism, it is to privilege the importance of each object present in the room.

Design objects by Smaller Objects Collection

object design modern interior plant decoration living room

In recent times, the 3D printer is one of the biggest trends in contemporary design. Studio 3 Dots Collective has designed a collection of vases and 3D lampshades that are subject to change and customization.

3D vases by 3 Dots Collective

decoration vase design vase 3D modern living room decoration

This object gives the owner the opportunity to integrate and modify it according to function and needs. The collection has a worked and modern aesthetic, inspired by the middle of the century. The minimalist concrete forms are combined with the intricate shapes of the metallic woven and textured lampshades, available in a sublime color palette.

3D Vases by 3 Dots Collective in Blue

decoration vase design interior living room modern idea

This object allows its owner to modify its shape, materials and colors as needed. The 3 Dot studio is interested in modular objects, with different dimensions that can be mutually paired and combined and, therefore, offer unlimited possibilities.

3D Vases by 3 Dots Collective in White

vase 3D modern design interior deco idea living room

The Ghigos studio is interested in the use of the functional and aesthetic possibilities that reside in the residues of stone productions. The studio has designed a unique concept, born from an abandoned residue. The designers used the found stone to design candle holders, adding a rustic element.

Candlesticks and design objects by Ghigos Studio

objects design candle holder deco interior living room ideas candles

The collection is titled "Recycled stones", recycled stones in French. Quite simply.

Vases made of recycled stones for real!

recycled stone vase design modern deco living room

Fritz Hansen's company also offers designer candlesticks, but with a golden finish.

Decorate with elegance: wooden tray and golden candlestick by Fritz Hansen

candle holder design deco living room candlestick tray wood

Below is the wooden tray and one of the small vases of the "Objects" collection.

Wooden tray and small vase by Fritz Hansen

decoration living room design tray glass modern idea

The world-famous Istanbul-based company Gaia Gino has designed a collection of decorative objects for the living room, dining room and bedroom.

Decorative objects of the Mistic collection by the company Gaia Gino

object decoration living room design candle holder flowers modern candlestick

The Mistic collection is handcrafted from borosilicate glass. It represents a variety of objects that can be used as vase, candlestick or both at the same time! It is available in 2 different sizes and in three finishes: bronze, silver and transparent.

Decorative objects by Gaia Gino

decoration living room design candle holder candlestick flowers

These design objects create a contemporary and dynamic plant landscape like a forest of borosilicate glass tubes. A vase, a candlestick or a piece of art: it's up to you.

Transparent vase / candle holder with red candles

candle holder vase design deco living room interior candles

Decorating is a very enjoyable activity. Taking time to put away and rethink your living space is important because you live there every day.

Scandinavian style lounge with rustic furniture and retro armchairs

living room rustic style deco interior table design plants

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