Living Room Idea: 50 Living Room Ideas in White

color wall contemporary living rooms

You need an idea for the living room color? Dare the white color and explore, below, our advice on the use of this color in the living room! You like white, but you have doubts that this color is the best for walls or for furniture in your living room?

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Well, we are going to show you that white and its pretty shades could be a very good choice for the decoration of a living room!

Chic decor and living room color: white

painting and deco living room zen

Many people consider white as a color without character or that makes their living room look unwelcoming. In truth, this color does not lack personality at all: weddings are the most undeniable proof of this. After all, we never get tired of watching the wedding decor and we can invent a thousand different and original ways to celebrate this kind of event by staying true to this color. Our advice to avoid a salon decoration lacking personality? Use furniture in a style that suits white, such as shabby chic or Nordic style.

Idea color living room and deco in black and white

white lounges decorations

Whoever says that a living room with white furniture lacks personality, forgets that this color gives a thousand possibilities of very successful combinations with different materials and colors. The living room above, with white furniture, complemented by wooden elements, is an eloquent example of successful landscaping. As we know, white combines perfectly with black for a graphic look and modern which would suit both those who love modern and contemporary design and Scandinavian design lovers.

Living room color idea and pale champagne white

wall deco white lounges

If you choose to decorate your living room in white know that, as for other colors, there are different variations of white. Thus, one could get a beautiful interior decoration by using a single shade of white, such as white champagne on the image above, or several shades of this color.

Decorative idea with cushions and color lounge

white furniture color lounge

In addition, as everyone knows, white is a neutral color and it blends perfectly with all other colors. This is an advantage that could be used when you want to vary the look of your living room, for example, depending on the season. In summer, we could add cushions in blue or beige on the sofa or on the armchairs, while in winter, cushions or plaids in warmer colors - such as red, burgundy or brown - will be the welcomed.

Idea of ​​decoration and color living room with design chairs

painting walls living room furniture white

The image above could give another idea to those who love white and want to use it for the decoration of their living room: they could use this neutral color as the main shade in their interior, adding one or more accents. This solution could work for all types and styles of decoration. In our example, it is a modern living room in white, complete with designer chairs in brown and metal elements.

Decorative idea with decorative and color pictures for the living room walls

what colors living room walls modern

Finally, let's not forget that the white color is also an aesthetic and classic solution for painting the walls of the living room. Such a space with white walls can be easily decorated with beautiful works of art, vintage posters or with decorative paintings. So, convinced by our advice and decorating ideas on the subject of salon color ? If you want to discover all the pictures of white interiors , see the pictures below!

Chic living room color in white

Trendy living room chic color

Color for modern design living room

color painting living rooms design

Living Room Paint and White Furniture

painting wall living room white furniture

White furniture and color lounge

white lounges

Ideas for living room with white paint

idea living room decor white paint

Idea for white living room and wood

ideas living room deco wood

Modern living room in white and black

black and white modern living room ideas

Living room with white furniture

painting wall living room furniture white

Painting idea for modern living room

ideas living room design

Deco for living room in black and white

design living room wall deco

Living room furniture with white wall

modern living room furniture white walls

Color for living room with white furniture

color living room decoration white furniture

Living room color idea: white and black

wall decor black and white lounges

modern lounge chair ideas

white lounges decorations

gray and white living room decoration

interior decoration white living room

Scandinavian living room decoration white paint

trendy colors deco living room

interior decoration ideas white lounges

interior design living room nordic white furniture

deco living room zen color white paint

black and white living room wall painting

decoration wall living room white furniture

modern decor white lounges

nordic decor white living room

decoration of living room idea painting walls

ideas living colors trends

color white living room wall

color minimalist lounges

ivory color deco living room

color painting living room deco zen

colors living rooms wooden furniture

trendy modern living room color

living room furniture wood

color painting living room ivory white

minimalist living room decoration

decoration and painting gray living rooms

interior decor white living room

color deco living room photos

association white color ideas salon

modern living room color

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