Louvered door: a practical decoration for your interior

living room idea layout door louver wood

Originally, the louvered door was used outside, nowadays it takes its place in our interiors - practical and decorative at the same time.

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It is pretty and allows both ventilation and play with the intensity of light important. This type of door is suitable for every room. Discover our selection of many examples of louvered doors in very different contexts of interiors.

Louvered door: more than 50 original ideas

closet-modern-persinne door-idee

The louvered door does not let in the sun's rays freely, but allows the air to circulate. Do you know the difference between shutters and shutters? Indeed, the shutter is open while the shutter is massive. In addition, the louver obscures the inside better and does not allow the outside eyes to see through.

Louvered shutter door in the garden

idee-garden carrier louver

Jealousy is also a door louver type, but sliding. These blades are adjustable and retractable. In this way, you can adjust the light intensity in the room. The preferred materials for louvers are the wood and aluminum.

Bathroom with louvered cupboard doors


Very fashionable in the past, at some point some people found it unattractive and have forgotten. More than a door, she then finds several different utilities. For bathroom windows or doors in your closet, the shutter is perfect. You can also use it as decoration. In the flea markets there are old shutters. You can repaint them or leave them worn for a touch Vintage.

White interior bathroom with louvered cupboard doors


Closet with louvered doors

buffet wood-holder louver

Wardrobe with louvered doors

door louver idea bedroom bed tiling

Bathroom cabinet with louvered doors

bathroom louvre bathroom mirror trend sink doors

Idea of ​​louvered closet door


Louvered door that lets light in


Bathroom with large wardrobe with louvered door

folding door persianne idea bathroom wardrobe

White wardrobe

bedroom wardrobe wood white louver idea floor mat

Freshness for your clothes

bedroom idea interior wardrobe wood door modern louver

Sliding door and shutter

wooden wardrobe with louvered door

Kitchen with white louvered door

black white kitchen design idea layout door closet louver

Mint color

house door wood entrance louver

Shutters and shutters

house door shutter wood window deco plant

Decoration with old louver door

idea decoration door louver wood bedroom interior decoration

Bathroom furniture

closet bathroom wooden bathtub fitting idea

Dark brown wood cupboard

shutter door wardrobe idea wood interior design

door closet louver wood cabinet parquet idea

bathroom fitting closet white wood door

Closet in dark gray with louvered doors

closet door louver wood idea furniture interior layout

bathroom fitting closet white wood door

closet door wood louver idea black white modern

wooden door louver parquet wood deco wall idea fitting

idea exterior door louver folding modern design

door louver wood idea living room

arrangement apartment idea door wood louver modern design floor mats

deco idea door louver wood table

living room interior modern closet wood door folding louver light

shutter door closet idea cabinet wood sofa beige TV

wooden louver door idea fireplace parquet living room

bathroom louver door trend design sink

louvered doors entrance furniture wood trend

louver doors idea wood trend

Louver doors trend wood idea wardrobe

idea wardrobe bedroom wood door wood shutter closet

door bathroom white wood louver shower cabin

wood bathroom furniture hanging bathroom cabinet door hanging fixture

bathroom door louver sink deco closet mirror wood frame

living room idea design sofa blue door wardrobe louver

door louver wood closet white fixture decoration living room flowers

folding door louver idea wood floor mat wall chart

modern kitchen layout central island blue white wood

idea flap apartment wood louver living room fitting

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