Luxurious apartment with a strong touch of wood

luxury apartment designer furniture Saint Petersburg

A luxury apartment in St. Petersburg is our choice today to impress you. The design designed by Art Studio Design is based on the use of wood - from floor to ceiling.

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The different corners of the apartment have their own spirit because it is a family residence and everyone has the freedom to choose the style of their room. The design is based on the contrast between dark and light in a few different shades.

Luxurious apartment with modern furniture and a beautiful color contrast

Luxurious apartment living room furniture modern contrast

This luxurious apartment where everyone can find his calm and spread his imagination, is actually not so big. However, the 108m² is beautifully and ingeniously used to create an elegant home for the whole family. The range is in very nuances Natural which creates a feeling of warmth and unique conviviality something that we do not see very often in contemporary apartments.

The living room is quite large and with simple furniture for more comfort

wide living room with light furniture simple comfort

The kitchen is also in this contrasting mix idea. It is not so vast but no less luxurious than the rest of the apartment. The work plan marbled effect creates a feeling of splendor and tremendous wealth. The furniture is ultra modern for all of this luxurious apartment. The children's room is an interesting element, a little more different in pastel colors. We let you discover it!

Elegant kitchen in natural nuances

Elegant kitchen in nature nuance designer furniture

The kitchen is at the same time ultra modern but not in the minimalist sense

modern kitchen may spas simplistic shine plan work

Nice overview of the entrance to the apartment

Beautiful preview dark wood apartment entrance design

The corridors are large and bright

hallways wood floor parquet large and bright

The complete change of palette for the nursery

The change complete purple color the nursery

Designer shelves and plenty of room to play

Shelves design a lot of space play interior design

View towards the bathroom and the small dressing

Bathroom view natural range small dressing

The big bedroom always with light / dark contrast

large bedroom always dark contrast dark

Mauve bathroom gray interior design

shower room also contain a shower and a bathtub

Clear purity design this luxurious bathroom

plan of the apartment with the provisions room archi

Beautiful illustration contrast appart bedroom

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