Luxury apartment in dark colors in 3 examples

modern luxury apartment ideas

Slate, ebony and leather - materials like these are the pillar of the modern interior in a luxury apartment decorated in dark colors.

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These materials evoke immediately the image of glasses of cocktails, the smell of old books and the memories of the time when the minimalism in the interior decoration did not exist yet. The three apartments we are going to present today prove that dark colors do not have to be severe and cold, on the contrary - they can be just as happy and full of life as bright colors.

Modern luxury apartment decorated in dark colors

luxury apartment living room sofa

The first luxury apartment that you will see on the pictures is in Kiev Ukraine and was decorated by Dzhemesyuk & Yurov Design. Avoiding that dark shades absorb all the light is the hardest part when working with a dark palette, but the interior of this apartment has many interesting tips to make it brighter and warmer.

Hallway deco with marble floor covering

luxury apartment deco hallway

Shelves and niches are usually the first places to suffer from lack of natural light. The separation wall used in the apartment overcomes this problem by remaining open on the backside and being covered with a lacquered finish that attracts light. The white ceiling reflects the natural light that comes through the only window of the living room. Sled bedside tables are slid over the sofa to save space and be even more functional. The entire living room is covered by a warm black rug over elegant marble for the comfort of the feet.

Decorative living room of interesting design

luxury design apartment

The second apartment we present today was designed by interior designer Leqb. Its monochrome interior is softened by elegant mocha shades. In the office of the apartment, a large collection of wines is placed in a wall design window. A low luster helps to create an even more intimate and warm atmosphere that is often very difficult to create in a room with such a high ceiling. The stone accent wall is still a very elegant decorative elements.

Living room deco with modern dividing wall

luxury apartment deco living room

A high storage cabinet gives the impression of 'floating' above the marble sideboard. Carefully arranged wooden panels echo the geometry of the modular sofa, while open niches in matte black help hide the TV. A sliding door easily hides the television when not in use. In this apartment, the living room is more open and bright by occupying a double height space with, in the center, a spiral staircase leading to the mezzanine.

Ultra modern design lounge with beige sofa

luxury apartment deco living room

Created by Yurgov Design for a young couple who appreciates minimalist design, the third apartment of our selection, offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city, is wrapped in a luxury without measure. This apartment is decorated largely in black with brass accents and furniture by famous designers. A marble monolith separates the living room from the kitchen and houses modern shelves with brass finish. Television, set in a lacquered niche, is hard to notice - a very elegant way of integrating technology without the use of mechanical offuscation techniques. Let's see the pictures of these beautiful places:

Original deco idea of ​​luxurious apartment

luxury apartment decoration

Design apartment with furniture in dark shades

luxury apartment sofa design gray

Living room decorated with elegant statuettes

luxury apartment deco statuettes

Living room deco with elegant leather armchairs in neutral shades

elegant luxury apartment

modern luxury apartment

luxury apartment dining room

luxury apartment elegant dining room

ultra modern luxury apartment

luxury apartment bathroom

luxury apartment toilet

luxury apartment elegant living room

luxury apartment deco office

modern luxury apartment

luxury modern living room apartment

design office decoration

luxury apartment dining room

adult bedroom

bedroom deco bed

bedroom bed design

bedroom modern bed

bedroom deco

bedroom dark colors

elegant design bedroom

modern bedroom

luxury bedroom deco

deco bedroom wood

elegant child bedroom

modern bedroom deco

bedroom decoration idea

modern dressing room

modern living room deco

deco lounge tv idea

ultra modern bathroom

modern design bathroom

elegant bathroom

living room design dark colors

modern living room deco idea

contemporary elegant living room decoration

decoration dining room

deco living room dining room

kitchen modern lacquer design

open kitchen decoration idea

bedroom deco

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