Luxury bathroom: four impressive examples

light bathroom lamp design bathtub idea layout

You dream of a luxury bathroom ? Good design is not always linked to a big financial investment. You just have to taste and choose your favorite design style.

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To help you in your search for planning and decorating ideas for your future (or current) bathroom dream, we have selected for you four examples of bathroom design simply ... beautiful.

Luxury bathroom in a ... cellar!

bathroom modern luxury hanging lamp design toilet

The four examples of luxury bathrooms represent very large spaces. They have several practical amenities. The example below is of a bathroom which is located in a cellar. Very original, is not it? A wooden staircase gives access to this space which is much larger than a usual water feature. Designer Pavel Vetrov has favored wood as the main material for a natural and relaxing interior. This bathroom includes two tubs , two sinks and even a lounge area with a leather chaise-longue. What a good idea !

The wood is the dominant material in this design

bathroom wood design luxury pavel vetrov lamp

The cooking chaise-longue

bathroom luxury wood idea modern amenity

Luxury bathroom of very original design

luxury bathroom bathtub hanging lamp idea fitting

Harmonious set complete with pretty hanging lamps

light bathroom lamp design bathtub idea layout

These pendant and design luminaires guarantee perfect lighting

luxury bathroom bathtub fixture hanging design

Two sinks, two mirrors

idea bathroom mirror design wash basin large bathroom design

A very, very large bathroom with a second bathtub

modern design bathroom pavel vetrov

Vegetable decoration to complement the nature style

bathroom idea layout luxury modern

The design of this bathroom was designed by designers Philip and Catherine Jesters . In fact, the idea behind the design of this bathroom is to create the impression that you are in a cave. For this reason, there are rocks to evoke this sensation. The harmony of raw and light materials is impressive. The decoration is simple and elegant.

A rock

design bathroom bathtub candles design toilets

Sensation of warmth and intimacy

fit bathroom modern bath mat

Hanging lights and design in three different colors

arrangement bathroom idea gray design carpet beige pendant lamp

Beige floor mats

bathroom lamp bathtub idea design floor mat

Ceiling: white decorative element, very interesting

bathroom design layout light carpet floor

White and gray interior

bathroom lamp design idea floor rug washbasin

The bathtub

fit bathroom bathtub design deco candles

The design of this bathroom impresses with its functionality. The tropical decoration adds a touch of warmth and exoticism. The wood is also present. A beautiful golden and brilliant mirror completes harmoniously all of this beautiful interior.

Luxury bathroom, Yevgeny design Dyakonov

luxury bathroom idea fitting bath mirror design Yevgeny Dyakonov

Modern bathroom with Italian shower

shower cubicle bathroom storage ideas idea design

Italian shower

bathroom italian shower design Yevgeny Dyakonov

Very well thought out design

bathroom design baigoire original modern pool Yevgeny Dyakonov

The design of this bathroom was realized by Natalia Chibiryak. The interior is white with a wooden accent: the wall next to the bathtub. Suspended lights fulfill two functions: lighting and decoration.

Luxurious bathroom, design Natalia Chibiryak

fit modern luxury bathroom design

White indoor bathroom with italian shower

modern design bathroom wood italian shower cubicle

Bath and toilet

deco bathroom bathtub design design toilets

Hanging lights very original and design

design bathroom design bathtub fixture suspended

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