Luxury home: chic and refined design interiors

luxury home interior furnishings

What are the essential elements to transform a residence into a luxury home? Explore these photos to find an answer to this question! Luxury homes are a source of inspiration for anyone wishing to create a new interior space or revamp an old room.

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They give us ideas of color harmonization, association of different materials and use of original and interesting decorative objects. Even if one does not necessarily have the financial means to acquire all the furniture design that one finds on the photographs of this kind of houses, one can still be inspired and adapt certain elements to its interior by mobilizing his creative mind. And for that purpose, we are going to explore three interiors of very luxurious apartments in order to give you ideas that you can take back and recreate to give some touches of luxury decor to your house.

Luxury home: decoration idea in light colors

house deco materials marble kitchen

Our first visit takes us to New York City on the East Coast of the United States. The apartment that we present to you is a creation of the team of JW Renders who works on the realization of high quality visualizations in the field of architecture and interior design. The members of this team are convinced that their work is a key element for the development of truly successful projects.

Luxury Home: Living Room Interior Design

luxury house idea living room decoration

The house you see on the pictures above, is a proof of this idea. Inspired by the Bauhaus style, it impresses with its modern and welcoming atmosphere that is successful with the use of light colors, natural materials, furniture and decorative objects with a chic look. The combination of all these elements brings a luxurious atmosphere that is far from ostentatious. Instead, it is characterized by its refined and comfortable side that reigns in every room of the house, from the kitchen to the living room.

Decorative objects ideas from luxury house

appart luxurious furniture design

The second apartment that we propose to examine is the result of the collaboration of the architects from Tao Design and the designer Azam Mohamed. This is a home that is in Iran. The luxurious and cozy look of this interior is achieved through the use of natural materials such as wood and marble. The colors and objects of decoration are chosen with a lot of attention to echo the external landscapes and to attract attention without being too kitschy.

Interior decoration for apartment and luxury house

decoration luxury home architecture design

Finally, the third luxury residence is in the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Viewers of this interior, Max Studio, have played with decorative objects in every room by combining timeless materials surfaces for classic furniture and touches of contemporary design. The effect of their work is truly remarkable: an original and chic luxury home, able to give its owners all the comfort they need.

Luxury home bedroom interior

deco bedroom furniture wardrobes

The houses we visited with the pictures above all offer different ideas for a successful luxury decoration. Among other things, we can see the importance of natural and timeless surfaces such as wood, tiles, lacquered furniture fronts and marble. You will have noticed: the choice of colors is essential for the luxury decoration of modern and contemporary style. The bright and strong shades are completely absent from the decorations of these houses. Instead of these, we favor soft and neutral shades, such as white, gray, black and beige.

Luxury home: details make the difference

luxury home furnishing design

On the furniture side, we put on comfortable pieces that impose an elegant look as much by their colors and by the materials of which they are manufactured than by their simple and elegant forms. As in all modern style houses, the furniture here is practical and pretty. Far from being uniform, each model is selected to shine and stick perfectly to the entire indoor environment.

Luxury home living room layout

design apartments living room deco luxury

Almost all the pieces in our photo collection are adorned with interesting and remarkable lighting. Whether they are made of wood or metal, light or dark, industrial or contemporary design, all these luminaires are discreet but indispensable accessories for a truly successful luxury decor.

Accessories and luxury home decor

luxury apartment contemporary decor

We have often emphasized this in our articles devoted to the beautiful decoration of all styles: it is the small details that are able to make all the difference to an interior. Take a close look at all the pictures we have collected for you: they reveal ideas for a lot of fascinating little kitchen decor, living room, dining room and bedroom decorations.

Luxury home decoration and remarkable apartment: bet on the freshness

home luxury decoration wood dining room

Finally, there is another detail whose discreet presence in each of these houses contributes to their distinctive ambiances: plants, flowers and fresh herbs. Grown in an interesting plant pot or posed in a chic vase, they take on the role of decorative accents and beautiful complements for a table in the living room or in the dining room.

Deco idea of ​​luxury apartment with plants or flowers

interior design modern living room

So what are the elements that are able to transform an interior space into a luxury house with a unique decor. Take advantage of all the pictures of these luxury interiors to spot some interesting and cozy decorating ideas:

Design house: decorative objects

luxury houses kitchen decoration

Luxury home kitchen interior

modern white kitchen decoration

Luxury apartment decoration idea

images luxury home deco living room open kitchen

How to build a luxury interior

luxury home development kitchen island-central

Home light with luxury interior

luxury home amenagement contemporary dining room

Textiles and furniture for luxury apartment or home decoration

house luxury ideas small furniture

Small objects of luxury home decoration

modern design house luxury objects

Beautiful home: interior design idea

apartment house luxury apartment contemporary deco

Luxury home furnishing of contemporary style

luxury houses decor dining room

Luxury interior in light colors

interior house luxury decoration living rooms

Home Design Deco Accessories

luxury house interior design

Inspiration for luxury decoration

idea house luxury contemporary deco

Flat design deco surfaces

luxury deco surfaces ideas

Luxury home photo: marble and wood interior

interior decoration luxury decoration

Palette of colors of room and deco of luxury apartment

interior decoration luxury room

Luxury interior decoration images

interior appart luxurious decoration

Bedroom for adults and original decoration

interior luxury rooms decoration

Idea of ​​bedroom layout with bathroom

bedroom furniture bathroom luxury

Living room with contemporary decor and interior design

apartment luxury designer interior

Photo of kitchen and dining room with luxurious decoration

furniture dining room luxurious apartment

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