Luxury house on a hillside overlooking the ocean

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Called "The Edge", this luxury home, located on the side of an idyllic hill, offers an extraordinary view of the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It was made by Charlles Wright Architects and is located in the province of Queensland, Australia.

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The beautiful house was conceived as a platform whose objective was to allow its owners to remain in permanent contact with the elements of nature: the sea, but also the sky, the hills and the plants which one can not miss of sight thanks to its spectacular size windows.

Luxury home in Queensland: view from the outside

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Like many projects modern construction , that of The Edge, was developed in respect of the sustainable environment. The entire surface of the roof the residence is equipped with hydraulic systems, intended to give users of the house the opportunity to choose the type of water they will use according to their needs: swimming pool, drinking water, irrigation. The insulation of the house, as well as its design which is characterized by large open spaces, contribute to the energy saving for ventilation of the interior.

Luxury house in Australia by Charlles Wright Architects

luxury real estate australia luxury house

Inside this beautiful residence , which offers absolute privacy, is a successful blend of modern and classic solutions, designed to offer its owners all the comfort they need. The Edge is currently available on the real estate market and, if you are interested, you can discover the rest of his photos below:

Photo of modern design house in Queensland

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Luxury Home Exterior Photo by Charlles Wright Architects

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Luxury modern design house in Australia

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Pool of modern design of villa at the edge of the Coral Sea

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Dream villa with dream pool

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