Luxury yacht with original design by SEYD

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With this publication, we introduce you to the luxury yacht called Symmetry, the creation of the Dutch manufacturer Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design (Seyd). SEYD is a company of design and yacht design which has just shown the public a very intriguing boat.

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It not only has all that is needed for a pleasant lifestyle, but it is built in more than one way that allows it to move freely in the desired direction.

Symmetry Luxury Yacht by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

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As the name suggests, yacht Symmetry was built in a very balanced and symmetrical way. It offers many luxury services. Apart from its owner, this impressive ship can house several guests and all this in a spectacular way and atmosphere. It has enough room for 34 guests and a staff of 48 people. Each deck of this luxury boat has been built to meet the needs and functions of the people who will occupy it.

Photo of the exterior of the luxury yacht Symmetry

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This yacht of modern style was presented to the public in Monaco in 2015. Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design (SEYD) has also created a model of the ship in 3D that has been closely examined by a naval architect, according to which the project of the construction of the ship is quite possible. It remains to be seen if this beautiful boat is really the future of navigation. Here are more pictures of the interior and exterior of this beautiful yacht:

Luxury Yachts by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

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Modern luxury ship

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Photo of the modern Symmetry yacht

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Symmetry Luxury Design Yacht by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

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