Macrame hanging pot for flowers and plants in suspension

pot hanging macrame knot

Decorate your house, terrace or garden with a hanging pot in macrame that you can easily make with the technique described in this article! Macrame is a technique inspired by the art of weaving.

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It consists of creating decorative objects for the home or accessories using knots that are flat or in volume.

Macrame hanging pot: a DIY project inspired by the boho chic style

macrame hanging pot hanging flowers

Macrame decorative objects have been very popular in the past and especially in the 1970s. They were characteristic of the bohemian chic decor and successfully completed the interiors inspired by the hippie movement. Today, many people rediscover the beauty of bohemian chic and these objects with a slightly vintage and very natural look. If you are seduced by this style, you will be able to take advantage of our tutorial to make your own suspension for plants and flowers in fabric.

Hanging pot in macrame: necessary materials

brackets for hanging pot macrame diy

To create a hanging pot in macrame, you will need the following materials: jute string (the project you see in the pictures is done by Stephanie Albares with a fabric of a thickness of 4 mm and a length of 75 m); wooden beads uniform or of different sizes of a number sufficient for two lengths of twine; a rattan ring of about 4 cm; scissors; a ruler ; a pencil.

Hanging pot to do yourself: macrame technique

suspended pot holder technical macrame

Before you start making your plant pot suspension, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. Then, take the time to study the following explanation that will guide you in the technique of making nodes and loops, essential for this project.

Hanging pot in macrame: make the curls

cache pot macrame pot suspended

For the loop of the suspension : cut eight strings with a length of 6 m. Do not worry if it seems too much: the length will decrease as you go through the following steps. Fold the eight strings and tie a knot, making a loop. Shoot each string to make sure the knots are holding up.

Macrame hanging pot: how to tie the strings

idea hanging pot macrame doors plant

Then divide the strings into 4 groups each of which contains 4 strings. Attach 3 of these sections together without over-tightening; this will help you work more freely by making individual knots.

Macrame hanging pot: how to tie the strings to the ring

macrame suspension floral basket

Here is how to make a diamond shaped loop. Take the rattan ring and string, then wrap it once and tie a knot on the inside of the ring. Repeat the procedure four times with all the strings of the group, then with the rest.

Suspension of plant and flowers in macrame: make the knots around the ring

suspensions flower pots macrame

Then take a group of 4 strings and mark the point that is 10 cm away from the ring on each string. Divide the strings into two sections, one for the inside and one for the outside. Make two square knots and leave them aside. Repeat this step for the other 3 sections.

Hanging pot decoration in macrame

pots suspensions macrame

Finally, gather two of the sections with square knots. Make a new group of strings by joining two square knots with the middle part of two strings.

Suspension for macrame plant for indoor or outdoor decoration

DIY suspension plant support

Now that you know the procedure of making knots and how to tie the strings, you can improvise to make different creations. For example, to make hanging ropes like the ones in the picture above, you would need 15 cm of square knots, 5 cm without knots, wooden beads and 5 cm of knotless string and 15 cm of spiral knots; and, in addition, 5 cm of string without knots, beads and another 5 cm without knots. Finally, make two square knots.

Macrame technique and decoration with wooden beads

suspensions flowers diy pots

For the basket on the picture below: take 2 strings and mark the points that are at a distance of 12 cm on each. Bind the middle part of the 4 strings with a square knot, decorate it with a bead and make another square knot to secure the bead.

Macrame flower basket and DIY deco idea

macrame hanging flower pots

Then repeat the same procedure leaving 10 cm apart on the strings. And, finally, create the base by leaving a distance of 4 cm and attaching everything with a large knot. And here you are, your macrame suspension and ready!

Photo of flower basket decoration and macrame suspension

pots in macrame flower suspension

Hanging pot to make oneself with the technique of macrame

pots macrame cache pot floral suspension

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