Magic House Shining Hand Rand Oregon

magic house oregon original design

Shining Hand Rand is a magical house located in Ashland, Oregon. It is currently on sale at the price of $ 8.2 million . Its interior and exterior are inspired by hobbits homes.

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Its amazing design is quite matched with its environment. Built with natural materials, mainly wood, it blends with the surrounding decor. Its construction was finished in 2016.

Magic House Shining Hand Rand

magic house idea design interesting design

Seen from outside, the house is nothing extraordinary. All the same, it attracts attention. The door input is framed of copper tree sculptures. The impressive arched doors are made from Brazilian mahogany and carved with shapes wildlife from the region's inhabitants: salmon, coyotes and Eagles .

The front door is decorated with impressive sculptures

entrance door wood design idea home original modern

The interior door is the same style as the outside one. It is also decorated with sculptures of copper . It has been hand carved by the local Amerindian artist Russell Beebe .

The front door carved by hand by local artist Russell Beebe

entrance wood staircase modern mosaic

The grand staircase is made with branches of manzanita, a small tree from the native west coast, hand carved for railings and railings. Pieces of glass made to measure cut and placed between these branches twisted . The staircase presents the folklore animals and the myth Indian .

The design wooden staircase

original home wooden staircase interior modern trend

The dining room is also filled with trees manzanita . Arched windows offer a view extraordinary on the mountains from Oregon. The house has a lot of fluidity and movement thanks to the natural forms of wood. Its design is very organic and original. Let's discover it in pictures:

The dining room with arched windows

magic house design idea wood landscaping

Large bright space beautifully decorated

magic house interior design modern wood design

The interior is fluid and organic

magic house wooden staircase lighting suspension design

The bathroom is equipped with bathtub

magic house trend bathroom bathtub

The balcony is natural stone

original house trend modern stone balcony

The fireplace is decorated with a beautiful mosaic representing two dragons

chimney decoration original modern trendy interior

The kitchen is granite

interior house original kitchen worktop idea granite

The central island is with granite surface

magic house trend central island lighting suspension design

trendy bathroom furniture home

home entrance trend modern wooden staircase

interior house wood trend modern staircase idea

home original design trend luminaire suspension modern stone

interior design wooden staircase house trend

wooden staircase modern magic house design

modern design tree staircase

modern organic design staircase trendy wood

magic house idea original design modern

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