Mailroom: 50 ideas for a well organized house

range letter wall office

To have a house always well organized, install a range-mail in your hallway, on a console in the lobby or corner of your office. Nowadays, more and more people are giving up paper mail in order to protect the planet.

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And even if many companies and public services strive to follow this trend by offering access to our accounts on the internet, the classic letters have not yet disappeared complement of our daily lives.

Wooden mail organizer for office or entrance hall console

console range mail office

Our mailboxes continue to burst with various papers: invoices, advertisements, coupons, checks, bank statements and sometimes even postcards. Moreover, we admit it: sometimes it is we who prefer to send a conventional mail rather than an electronic message, for security reasons or simply because it is the rule in some cases. And it is because we have not finished falling into all these situations, that we always need an efficient way of storing all the papers that arrive by post.

Wooden wall-mounted mail rack with separate folders

wall letter wood storage

The letter holder is a small piece of furniture that aims to meet our organizational needs. In its simple version, it is a small object that can be placed on a desk or on a desk. console in L' entrance to the house . It will then be used to deposit the envelopes found in his mailbox so you can find them and review in a timely manner.

Simple mail organizer for worktables

office desk range letter

There are also more sophisticated models of mail carriers that give you more organizational possibilities. For example: places dedicated to incoming and outgoing letters or even folders for different members of the family. These storage units are especially useful for homes with multiple children who engage in many extracurricular activities and require parental monitoring.

Mailbox to manufacture oneself: idea by Embrace My Space

DIY storage idea

If you like manual activities, why not make a wall letter holder yourself, like the one on the picture above? This is an easy DIY example that will save you money and decorate your home with a custom object. To make your own letter holder, you will need a sign and a coat hook to attach to the blank sign.

Make a custom mailer and cheap

do-it-yourself range mail house

Then everything depends on your preferences: attach a paper letter holder and decorate the panel with a calendar to mark your appointments and daily tasks to remember. Also remember to leave some pencils or pens next to your calendar. For an even more personalized look, decorate your creation with some photos, postcards or other objects that you like!

Mailbox DIY Tutorial

make a mail range

Big or small, letter holders are furniture that do not occupy much space and allow us to stay well organized and therefore have more time for activities that make us happy. Here is a collection of 50 possibilities of storage of letters in different materials, to acquire or to make yourself:

Mailroom to tinker: idea by Embrace My Space

do-it-yourself deco range mail

Storage of vintage metal letters

storage letter metal deco vintage

Storage of original letters and magazines

original letter storage ideas

Large wall letters storage

corridor furniture wall storage

Storage of modern design letters in black and white

modern wall letter storage

Wall storage of mail and folders in modern style

wall-mounted mail storage

Mail Storage and Wall Deco by Pottery Barn

range mail deco wall hallway house

Wooden wall letter box

range letters wall deco wood

Designer wall cabinet

range letters contemporary design wall

Letter box and home interior design

organization and storage interior design house

Mailbox and blackboard for corridor decor

slate range mail decoration hallway

Mailbox and house organization

house mail organization

Wall mounted mailer in yellow with black slate and pegs

yellow wall storage letter

to make a range mail wall

furniture wall space wall

range mail ideas home deco

range mail deco hallway door house

retro design mail range

wood furniture range mail

metal letter holder vintage decoration

furniture letter organization modern house

wall deco door letters wood

range metal mail modern decoration

contemporary design furniture letter holder

door post office deco table

furniture cabinet door letter mu

mural organization letter

decorative object design tidy its corridor

office decoration mail storage

object diy deco letters storage

DIY decoration objects mail storage

idea of ​​deco brico door letters

DIY decoration objects range couriers

object storage letter office

ideas deco brico mails storage

furniture storage letter wall

range courier furniture hallway

furniture deco wood door mail

idea do it yourself deco hallway house

activity DIY door courriers wood

DIY tutorial door post walls

diy decoration range mail for wall

house decoration wall door letters

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