Make a fake Christmas tree by recycling spoons and forks in plastic or wood

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This week, as part of our Christmas activity folders, we are turning to a creative party idea for recycled materials. You probably already knew that ecological Christmas trees are very fashionable these days.

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Well, this year, you could make one yourself! And that, by recycling plastic spoons that you have on hand!

How to make a fake Christmas tree in plastic spoon?

Making a fake Christmas tree in plastic spoons is a great way to replace a cut tree or, simply, to complete the festive atmosphere in a room of his house. Instead of throwing away the purchased plastic spoons, you can use them to make a beautiful DIY Christmas decor piece. Thus, you will give a green touch to your living space. Best of all, this original Christmas decoration is very cheap.

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A fake Christmas tree made of plastic spoons can also be a manual activity project for families. Create one or more with your children to decorate the room of the little ones or to offer them as gifts to your loved ones!

How to make a fake Christmas tree in a plastic spoon?

DIY-spoon-plastic cantilever fir

We said it: the fake Christmas tree made of plastic spoons is a very cheap DIY deco project. This is so because the spoons you will need do not cost much but also because the other materials you will need are very accessible. In addition, you could decorate your fake Christmas as you wish!

Below is the list of materials to collect for this project.


  • plastic spoons / wooden or bamboo
  • one or more foam cones
  • a glue gun and glue
  • painting and glitter
  • a brush
  • waxed paper
  • scissors
  • acrylic spray

As you see in this list of materials, plastic spoons are just one option for this kind of project. In fact, you could very well replace them with spoons made of wood. In this way, you will give a more natural look to your fake Christmas tree.

Some DIYers on the web have even opted for a DIY Christmas decor made with real spoons diverted mini fir. You are also free to experiment with this type of material if you wish!


Moreover, know that this type of project is also feasible with plastic forks. The difference between spoons and forks is that they will more closely mimic the appearance of a fir tree. However, they are probably a little less suited to work, especially if you expect to make this project a manual activity to share with your children.


And now that you've decided what type of material you want, you can go on to make your fake Christmas tree. Here are the instructions for doing this!

Tutorial to make a fake Christmas tree in plastic spoons

fake christmas tree a-to-make-oneself-spoon

Start by gathering all the materials you need. Then follow the steps outlined below.

fake christmas tree en-plastic-diy

Prepare the spoons

Then prepare your spoons. If you use plastic spoons, you can decide to paint it in a color of your choice. The painting is to consider also if you work with wooden spoons. One possibility is to realize this step at the very beginning of your project. Another possible approach would be to paint the tree once it is ready. Both options are possible but you will need different paints depending on which one you prefer.

If you decide to paint your spoons before putting the false tree together, you could bet on pot paint. If you are going to paint the tree when it is ready, you will work more easily with a paint spray bottle. In both cases, you can decorate your fake Christmas tree even more once the paint is dry.

Decide which option you prefer to give more color to your Christmas tree. If you go for the first option, allow enough time to paint the spoons and allow to dry before continuing. Note that you do not need to paint all the spoons, just the part you will use to make your tree afterwards.


Cut the spoons

Once your spoons are ready, cut their handles. This step is much simpler to do with plastic spoons. These are quite easy to cut with scissors. If you have decided to work with another material, you may need suitable instruments.


The amount of spoons used for this project depends entirely on the size chosen for your fake Christmas tree.

You might also decide to stick the spoons without cutting them. In this case, move forward, hiding the visible ends well.

diy overhang fir-christmas-plastic-diy

Stick the spoons on the cone

When you are ready with the preparation of the spoons, you can move on to the next step of putting together your fake Christmas tree. For this, it should take the pieces of spoons and stick on the support of your choice.


Starting at the bottom of the cone and moving all around the base, attach spoons with some hot glue. The bottom row will be the longest. Work will progress much more easily and quickly as you climb up the cone.

false-christmas-tree-diy deco-spoon-plastic

Note: if you do not have a foam cone at home, you could also use a paper cone that you will make yourself. To do this, use cardboard paper which will be more rigid and not likely to be deformed by the effect of the glue. We also advise you to provide a filling for the cardboard cone. Thus, you will make your fake Christmas tree DIY stronger and stronger.


Add a top to the tree

When you are done sticking the spoons on the cone, let it dry. Do not rush to decorate your fake Christmas tree any more time that all the elements have not taken well on the cone.


At the end of the necessary time (which will depend on the materials you use and the size of the fake Christmas tree), you can add a top to your tree. For that, use a star that you have on hand or make a creative decoration yourself!

How to decorate your fake Christmas tree


When you're done with the previous steps, you may decide to decorate your fake Christmas tree further. This is an optional step that will allow you to further personalize your creation and the space it will adorn. For the Christmas decoration of your fake fir tree, you can choose between several interesting options.


Decorate the fake Christmas tree with paint

A nice option would be to paint your fake Christmas tree in a color of your choice. At this point, opt for a spray paint on the entire surface of the tree. Before painting your Christmas tree fake with this type of paint, be sure to clear the area where you work. Plan also protection for the worktop and the walls next to it.

After applying the paint, let it dry and expose your tree.


Decorate the fake Christmas tree with glitter

You could also use glitter to further embellish your fake Christmas tree in plastic spoons. For this, we advise you to use an acrylic sealant. This one would spray on the surface of your creation. Complete this step once the tree is ready or before putting it together. This kind of product will help prevent glitter glitter from falling all over your house.

Once the product is applied, you can go to the next step and decorate your tree with glitter.


Decorate the fake Christmas tree with pompoms

The mini Christmas tree you have just made can also be decorated with all kinds of other creative and original ornaments. For example, you have the opportunity to make small pompoms. These help you to imitate the appearance of balls on your fake Christmas tree. For this, use textiles in various colors.

DIY mini-tree-of-christmas-spoon-do-it-yourself

Also know that you can learn how to make pompoms of various sizes at home. We recently published a complete tutorial on making this type of DIY deco. It is to discover in this article .

achieve-a cantilever-fir-christmas-diy-plastic

fake christmas tree in spoon-plastic-deco-ecolo

Whatever the size and shape of your mini balls, you can stick them quietly on your fake Christmas tree with a little bit of glue. Once again, allow a little time for the glue to dry before exposing your DIY decor!


There you go ! You now know how to make a fake Christmas tree in spoons or forks and how to decorate it. You could even decide to make several mini festive trees. Exhibit them on your fireplace or on a support table at home! Those who love DIY deco projects and have had little time are free to make mini trees of this type to accompany Christmas gifts to their loved ones!

Do you like decoration in recycled or recycled materials? Then you will love our plans for making wooden fir trees. Follow this link to read how to transform a perforated wood panel or plywood into an outstanding Christmas decoration!

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