Make a headboard original and pretty

make a headboard idea

Make an original headboard for your room? If this deco project tempts you, find ideas to achieve it with our choice of photos! Making a headboard can be easy if you know exactly which materials to use.

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The ideas of bedhead that we chose are original, not expensive and pretty.

Making a headboard: which materials to choose?

make an original headboard

To decorate your room with a diy headboard, you can use planks of wood that you already have on hand. And why not follow the trend of creating wooden pallet furniture ? In fact, the headboards in wooden pallets can be very easy to make and very beautiful, as you can see in the picture below. Other projects for wooden headboards are those created with an old wooden door or with shutters.

Make a headboard in a wooden pallet

make a pallet headboard

Another cheap and very creative option is the use of fabrics. You can make your headboard by imitating the appearance of a curtain or take an old table corresponding to the measurements of your bed and cover it with a fabric of your choice. Additional benefit of this bedhead : You can change the colors according to the seasons or patterns of your bedding.

Make yourself a headboard with books or a library

make a headboard pounds

If you are looking for even more unusual ideas, you can take inspiration from this pretty headboard made with books. Kassandra's creation Design every day blog she will give a romantic air to the whole room. And, moreover, this headboard is created only with the help of a few books, a board of wood and nails! You will find other creative ideas to make a headboard in the gallery.

Create a DIY headboard: ideas with fabric

make a fabric headboard

Headboard of interesting design

make a fabric headboard decorating ideas

Ideas for creative headboards

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DIY headboard in wooden pallets

bed headboard deco bedroom

Headboard with storage for books

head for bed wood paper bookcases

Make an original wooden headboard

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Headboards to make yourself with fabric

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Headboards with blackboards

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Pretty headboard with wooden pallets

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