Make a stencil board on a pallet canvas

stencil make master chart

With the success of the decoration or the furniture using pallets of recovery, we propose you to realize a personalized work of art stencil who will make you one or one Andy Warhol with your loved ones.

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This is a fairly simple achievement, but a strong aesthetic impact, which will accommodate several decorative styles, ranging from a rustic to industrial, even minimalist or decidedly contemporary. In short, it is a decorative and unique must, you can hang with pride wherever you want, no need to handle the pencil like a pro for an amazing effect.

deco made with a stencil

deco pallet table Carmodys

The only danger when your friends see it is that they may order you. All you need for this artistic DIY, in addition to some recovered boards, either on a pallet, an old floor or a piece of furniture, it's a photo. The idea is to reproduce the contours of the silhouettes of a photo that you like, and in which the shapes of the extras are quite precise and detached from the background of the image. You can enlarge a photo of your computer, print it, and cut out the outlines as you want them to appear. If you have a strong piece of nylon, copy these outlines on the nylon. You get a stencil. Keep it for later, you will need it.

cutting of the hollow stencil

stencil design print cut out areas

Now, get some boards, the more the wood will look old, the better. Assemble together these boards, which can be of the same lengths or lengths slightly different for an industrial effect, with two other boards that you nail or screw in the back. The idea is to have a relatively flat surface that will be your backdrop. Then, apply the stencil on your frame, and fill the void with the color you like, with a brush or a spray of paint. The silhouette will appear so, you just hang on the wall. Congratulations! Now you can try other models ...

assembled recovery boards

Reclaimed wood assembled create canvas background

coloring forms

deco palette assembly

be creative!

deco palette theme love

the world is not enough

deco palette representing world map

for those who do not like to color

deco palette free text

it's not fair for the show

stencil address number

all themes are possible

initial stencil G

example of uneven boards

stencil Home at last

vary the techniques with collages too

stencil bike flags flowers fabric

reverse example showing the original stencil

deco palette stencil & glued

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