Make-up storage box: ideas to make yourself

box storage makeup manufacturing

Looking for ideas for storing your makeup? We offer a series of images on the theme of box storage makeup. They will help you make storage space for makeup cheap and clever.
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Be beautiful and organized with our original and creative storage ideas!

Makeup storage box to do it yourself, it's possible!

box storage makeup tutorial fabrication

Have a storage box of makeup Pretty and well organized is an asset for the times when we are in a hurry and want to make us beautiful without wasting much time. That's why a makeup storage box can become an ally in our daily lives. You can make a make-up project using boxes, baskets or boxes you already have on hand, or even make a makeup storage from paper and cardboard yourself.

Idea box storage makeup: basket to decorate oneself

DIY makeup storage box easy

To create a pretty makeup storage box, you can simply reuse an old metal box with vintage look or decorate a basket with some fabric or artificial flowers, as in the pictures above. These two objects can be used perfectly for storing your lipsticks or varnishes, for example. You can also use them to store small tubes of body milk.

Ideas for makeup storage by Lisa Pullano

box storage makeup brico

If you want to create a makeup storage box from scratch, you can take inspiration from the idea for paper makeup storage cabinet below. It consists of making a small piece of furniture with cardboard drawers that you can then decorate by gluing decorative paper in the colors you prefer on its sides. Look at the pictures of the drawers on the pictures below. You will also find other ideas for making small paper and cardboard storage boxes in our gallery.

Make-up paper storage box to make yourself

DIY makeup storage box paper

An idea for making a makeup storage box is to reuse an old wooden cabinet that you can decorate with the cutting technique for a look romantic or paint in a color that matches that of your room, for example. To create a makeup storage case, you can use an old metal box and stick decorative paper or stickers on its sides.

Drawers for paper makeup storage box

makeup storage cabinet cheap box makeup

A simple and practical way to organize your makeup storage box is to use drawer dividers sold in shops. You can also make dividers yourself using paper, cardboard or fabric. We offer you several possibilities with the photos below.

Drawers for makeup storage to make yourself

makeup box paper cardboard

Easy DIY Box Ideas For Makeup Storage

crate for storage makeup cardboard do

Reuse an old case to make a storage box

box storage makeup trash retro

Vintage style makeup storage box

box storage makeup crate metal

Makeup storage ideas, perfumes and nail polish

organize makeup storage ikea

Make a box for makeup paper and cardboard

boxes make up boxes to put away tinkering

Make a makeup storage box by decorating an old box or briefcase

storage makeup cases makeup boxes

Create separators for makeup storage box or drawers

boxes for makeup cheap tidy

Use old cardboard boxes for makeup storage box

round make-up boxes make paper

Create a cardboard makeup storage box

box storage makeup paper manufacture

Make a makeup palette

storage box make palette for makeup

Reuse an old wooden box as a makeup storage box

make wooden storage boxes

Make a cardboard makeup storage box

tidy up makeup tips small set makeup

Reuse an old jewelry box for makeup storage

makeup cabinet tidy makeup

Make paper dividers for makeup storage box

boxes makeup storage tips manufacture

Make fabric dividers for makeup storage box

separators storage tissue box set makeup

Make a small cardboard box

box-storage-makeup-tips-paper book

Create small storage boxes or makeup separators

storage boxes for makeup tips

Make-up makeup palette

metal makeup palettes storage tricks

makeup storage boxes make pallets


case for makeup metal cabinet makeup

makeup boxes makeup storage boxes

box storage makeup paper tip

storage box makeup case cheap

storage boxes cheap ideas brico

crate makeup storage boxes cheap

storage box ideas brico makeup

makeup case storage making cheap

paper boxes for makeup storage

paper boxes for storage makeup diy

pallet storage boxes makeup ideas

cardboard boxes storage makeup tips

tinkering boxes storage paper separators cheap

boxes storage cabinet makeup cheap

storage cabinet makeup makeup ideas

storage makeup ikea ideas tips

boxes storage brico pas cher makeup

makeup boxes set makeup brico

makeup cases make cheap storage

storage boxes cardboard cabinet makeup

box makeup cheap storage paper

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