Make yourself a raised square kitchen garden

kitchen garden square decoration garden idea

For gardening neophytes, a raised square vegetable garden is an excellent way to enjoy fruits or vegetables from 100% traceable origin. Have one's own production Encourages you to cook healthier, since you will be eager to use the fruit of your labor.

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vegetable garden square, ideal for beginners

kitchen garden square DIY easy

Imagine growing your own vegetables with less effort, while achieving optimized yield. This is the principle of kitchen garden square , method designed by an American, Mel Bartholomew , providing for the subdivision of a growing area into squares, allowing the cultivation of a large variety of vegetables in a relatively small area.

optimize production

kitchen garden square garden landscaping

A variant of this type of gardening, is that the culture board is raised, which allows a work of the land and a much easier maintenance, especially indicated for the elderly or suffering from back pain, but recommendable to all world. This method makes it possible to arrange the garden more freely, requires less maintenance for a production equivalent to the traditional culture in lines.

raised vegetable gardens

vegetable garden square garden small space

The heavy task of having to return the land is no longer necessary, and a square garden is also ideal for land with very poor soils, since the land that fills the plank is a mixture of soil and soil . Weeding is easier, and this type of crop is especially suitable for beginners, since each area is well defined and the invasion of weeds is prevented by the planks delimiting the squares.

prevents the invasion of weeds

kitchen garden in square to make oneself

Add to this that it requires less fertilizer, since the biodiversity of plants prevents the massive presence of predators, unlike monoculture. It is also less greedy in water, since it remains confined inside the squares. We offer some examples of gardening in squares, elevated for comfort.

requires fewer harmful products

vegetable garden square tomatoes

a very aesthetic side

homemade culture boards

delimit the squares

planchettes compartments

a rather massive raised vegetable garden

kitchen garden concrete blocks

promote plant associations

vegetable garden in green painted square

low square vegetable garden

vegetable garden delimiter

home-made vegetable garden untreated wood

kitchen garden with wheels

handmade pyramidal vegetable garden

square vegetable garden Master Gardner

vegetable garden square guardian tomatoes

exposed kitchen garden

vegetable garden in square insulated bins

raised garden planters

kitchen garden square cement blocks

vegetable garden favors biodiversity

guaranteed organic vegetables

vegetable garden on handmade untreated wood

vegetable garden herbs in adjacent squares

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