Makeup trend 2015: spring makeup

makeup trend 2015 spring idea

Hi girls! Spring is already here and it's time to wake up the sleeping beauty! To help you stay modern, stylish and sexy during the new season we have prepared a very interesting article for the makeup trend 2015 spring.

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Here you will discover some interesting tips how to make up this season, as well as a glimpse of trends in pictures and how to wear them in everyday life.

Makeup trend 2015 - the lipstick in shade orchid

trend makeup 2015 red lips

Let's start with 10 tips that will help you become a pro from the trend makeup 2015 spring. First of all, the make-up of spring means a simple and pure makeup with small touches of color. Replace very heavy purple shades and precious metals and opt for more natural shades.

Spring makeup in green shades

makeup trend 2015 green shades

It's true that purple and blue-violet dominated winter make-up, but in the springtime it's time to have fun with a light, feminine shade of violet applied to the lower eyelid and the corner of the eye. Also try a baby pink blush with a touch of shine to have a skin that looks more yellow and healthier.

Stylish makeup with mascara and a red lipstick

trend makeup 2015 red lipstick modern red

In spring daylight and stronger and changes more often than in winter. And you can of course enjoy this fact for your makeup. Apply a light touch of natural brown tan in place of orange where the sun is on your skin - on the cheekbones, on the cheekbones, on the cheekbones, on the chin and on the chin.

Eye shadows in pink shades

makeup trend 2015 eye shadows purple shades

The makeup of spring eyes is often but not always in clear shades. We can see a lot of eye shadows in light and natural colors with small bright copper, golden or champagne shades. Apply a little more shine in the inner corner of your eye with shiny powder to be even sexier.

Original makeup for spring

makeup trend 2015 idea

As for the lips, the lipsticks are lighter for the day with many shades of glossy pink and salmon. If you make a lighter eye makeup, then you can also opt for a brighter lipstick to sway your look. But avoid doing too much. The accent as you already know very well is put on the lips or on the eyes but never on two at the same time.

Makeup ideas for spring

trend makeup 2015 tips

For your nails try bright and warm shades like yellow and orange. Neon varnishes remain trendy this spring but prefer them when you go out at night. What we have seen on fashion podiums are more natural shades like off-white or beige with some very interesting metallic accents. The french manicure is an excellent choice for the most conservative of you.

Original and trendy makeup

trend makeup 2015 eyes

What will never be out of date are eye shadows in shades of brown. We also noticed that pro makeup artists use a lot of eyeliner this season and especially all along the lower eyelid. Opt for the "cat eye" and the crow's eye if you want to accentuate your look day and night.

Eye makeup in dark shades

trend makeup 2015 spring

You can always try eye shadows in the spring shades of blue and green. In case you have lighter skin, apply very few of these shades. But do not be afraid to wear bright colors - there are many different ways to adapt them to your everyday look. Do not forget that the big star of this spring is the lipstick in shade orchid. Let's see some pictures:

Trendy spring makeup

interesting spring makeup tips

Some interesting makeup ideas

spring make-up idea

Makeup with green eye shadows

modern make-up idea spring

Eye makeup in bright blue

original makeup idea spring

Doe eye makeup

modern spring makeup idea

red lipstick makeup idea

idea makeup eyes spring

idea make-up interesting eyes

maquiallge eyes golden shades

trendy nude makeup 2015

rock look makeup

elegant make-up spring

interesting makeup tonight

modern makeup shadows bright shades

modern makeup red lipberries red fruits

nude makeup idea spring

makeup shadows shades metallic shades

original makeup spring 2015

makeup spring original eyes

blue eyes spring makeup

romantic makeup spring 2015

evening makeup bright shades

makeup evening spring

fashion cat eye makeup

makeup eyes blue gray

eye makeup white eyelineur

eye makeup eyeliner yellow

eye makeup purple eyeliner

eye makeup interesting

makeup eyes pink shades

makeup eyes original spring

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