Making a Christmas tree: 36 alternative and ecological ideas

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Making a Christmas tree yourself is not difficult. Discover our selection of 36 alternative Christmas tree ideas and find inspiration to make your own!

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More and more people decide to opt for an alternative Christmas tree for several reasons. At first, it is mostly an ecological and economical choice. Every year millions of firs are cut, sold at the market and then thrown in the trash. It is a shame to grow a tree for several years to throw it after past holidays. The trees belong to the forest. If you do not want to be part of this unecological process and save a tree, then choose an alternative Christmas tree. We do not really need a real tree to spend a good family holiday.

make a Christmas tree idea branch fir garland ball christmas

In a second time, the alternative fir tree lasts much longer than the real fir tree. It is more original, unique and you can customize it as you want.

Making a Christmas tree is easy!

You can use all kinds of objects to make a Christmas tree: wood, paper, cardboard, paint, Christmas balls, books, cushions, garlands, light bulbs, bottles, stickers and many more. The main idea is to simply recreate the shape of the tree. Which objects to choose depends on what you have at home. For it to be truly ecological, use recovery objects .


Why make a Christmas tree and not buy it?

For a while now, DIY is in fashion. The trend is to make your own furniture, decoration and even clothes and cosmetics. It is therefore not surprising that the alternative fir has become a real trend. We have already dedicated some publications different ideas of alternative spruce, but there are always new suggestions.


Making a wooden Christmas tree

To make a wooden Christmas tree, you will need some basic tools. There are also templates that you can also create without tools. It all depends on the complexity of the chosen DIY project. The alternative fir tree in the picture below is part of the projects a little more complicated, but as it is beautiful, right? If DIY and work with wood seems complicated, but you absolutely want to have a wooden alternative fir, it is also possible to buy it online. You will find beautiful models on the site etsy, for example.

-christmas-tree wood-alternative

What a pretty Christmas tree in wood, no? We love Scandinavian design. And you ?


Scandinavian design is one of the most popular designs in over 30 years. Synonymous with elegance, purity and functionality, many people choose it for their design and decoration. The Christmas decor no exception. She was also influenced by her Nordic and pure spirit.


Do you like the wooden fir pattern in the photo below? It is possible to order a similar model online.


Making a Christmas tree with ladder

One day someone had the idea that the ladder has the shape of the fir tree and decided to decorate it. The result: an alternative fir tree very easy to make and super original! We do not know the creator of this idea, but we thank him very much. You can use a ladder made of wood or steel. Just decorate it with Christmas balls and light garlands and here you are!


A great idea and easy to achieve


Make a christmas tree with cushions

An idea of ​​Christmas tree even more intelligent and creative than the previous one is that of making a Christmas tree with cushions. For this, you will need a dozen cushions (the same size or different sizes) and that's it! There are of course variants with a wooden base or books or other object. Let your imagination speak, choose the perfect place and realize with alternative Christmas tree with cushions in just a few minutes.


Making a Christmas tree with hanging objects

If you do not have much room at home, making a hanging or wall-hanging Christmas tree is a great idea. In this way, you decorate and optimize your living space at the same time. We really like the wooden frame fir pattern below. You understand the principle of its manufacture: wooden frame, ropes, hanging objects and light garland.


It is also possible to make a Christmas tree hanging with Christmas balls. For this you will need about twenty Christmas balls or so. They must be suspended at different levels so that they form the silhouette of a Christmas tree.

Fir alternative fathead christmas

What colors of Christmas balls to choose depends on your tastes as well as the decor of your home interior. To make classic, you can opt for red balls, green, silver or gold and to make more original, opt for other unusual colors.


The alternative Christmas tree in the photo below has been made with all kinds of Christmas ball colors. It is perfect for an interior decorated with minimalist, rustic or even industrial style.


Red and gold: this is the classic Christmas decoration. The red is a warm color, while the walleye has a chic and festive side.


Since the tree is green why not opt ​​for green Christmas balls!


And to impress your guests, try these bright Christmas balls. This alternative fir tree model made from Christmas balls has a very attractive futuristic side.


Green, red, gold and silver: the four classic colors for any traditional Christmas decor.


Make a wall Christmas tree

If hanging Christmas balls seems difficult, it is also possible to put them in a frame as has been done in the photo below. The big advantage of this type of alternative Christmas tree is that you can put it away and take it out next year. You will not need to worry about it every year.


To make this decoration, you will need some frame (wood, cardboard or other), glue and some Christmas balls. This Christmas decorating suggestion is ideal for those who do not have much space at home.


What a funny alternative tree and mural! Instead of designing it with Christmas balls and garlands its creators decided to use other funny objects. You can do the same and beautify your home in a unique way.

make-a-tree-of-christmas-tree-wall idea

Small Christmas tree made from different sizes of silver Christmas balls


The little Christmas trees are so cute! We can place them everywhere and create them is very easy. You will also need fewer items to make them. Usually, one chooses the size of its tree according to the size of its space of life. Imagine a small space with a big Christmas tree, it will be bulky and impractical.


Little Christmas tree in a vase


Make a christmas tree with a sign

You can simply draw your Christmas tree on a board, cardboard or paper. Simple and pretty, you can then install it where you want it: in your living room, dining room, kitchen or elsewhere. To make it even more original, add a Christmas star, some balls or why not a garland.


What a beautiful Christmas tree idea! A panel with striped cardboard fir decorated with a light garland.

fir-AC-wall deco-idea

There is nothing more warming than wood. Furniture or decor, wood is the best way to make an interior or exterior more cocoon. The same is true for the alternative Christmas tree.

fir-christmas-idea wood-alternative

You will be amazed how many movable and decorative items can be created from the cardboard. Easy to handle and find everywhere (just ask at the store closest to you), the cardboard is perfect to make an original and unique alternative Christmas tree.

make-a-tree-of-christmas-tree wood

Blue and silver: harmony and elegance


Silver and gold: classic and always chic


Making oneself is not only ecological, but also very rewarding

It has been proven that creating makes you happy and relaxed. Practicing creative activities is good for our mental health. Then you learn new things and the satisfaction of having done something yourself is really great. Everyone can go to the store and buy their furniture or decor. But not everyone decides to do it yourself. Be original, different and alternative and make your own Christmas tree this year!


Little Christmas tree made with balls


Large frame, small Christmas tree, beautiful Christmas decor

Framework wall-ball-christmas-idee

Hoping that you have found our selection of inspiring ideas, we wish you a very happy holiday and do not forget that the most Christmas gift is love.


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