Manual and leisure activity: making a Christmas star

manual activity stars christmas

With this article, we offer you an idea of ​​manual activity for the holiday season and different ways of making a Christmas star. The star is one of the symbols of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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This is so because of the beliefs surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition. According to the Gospel of Matthew, it was the brilliance of a celestial body that inspired the magi to go on a journey and to come from Eastern countries to Jerusalem.

Idea of ​​manual activity for Christmas: making stars for fir decoration

manual activity make stars Christmas tree

Arriving in this city, they met King Herod, who was then entrusted with the administration of the region of Judea. In response to their question of where to find the newborn King of the Jews, he advised them, relying on an ancient prophecy, that they should continue their journey to the city of Bethlehem. Here again, it was the light of the star that guided the Magi to the cradle of Jesus to whom they could offer their gifts worthy of a prince.

Manual activity: decorate a Christmas star with glitter

fir tree ornament toy star christmas

The Christmas star is an important part of the celebration of this holiday for believers, but also for anyone who is fond of tradition and who loves pretty ornaments. Many Christians view this symbol as one of the confirmations of Jesus' divine nature and messiah status. For people who love the Christmas spirit, the star is a decoration essential and indissociable end of year festivities.

Manual Christmas Activity: Making a Paper Star

make top Christmas trees

During the Christmas holidays and holidays, many of us like to spend time in the house and spend our time creative activities . So, why not make your own Christmas stars? The advantages of this home-made decoration are numerous. It not only makes us proud of what we have accomplished, but it gives us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves as a family.

Easy manual activity: Christmas star in red ribbon

do it yourself home deco fir red

It also embodies our commitment to traditions, the spirit of sharing and stimulates our imagination. And, in addition, this type of ornament is usually created from ecological and natural materials, good for the planet and harmless for the members of your household. In short, these natural and respectable decorations of the environment bring a lot of warmth, positive energy and beauty in our interiors!

Manual activity for Christmas: natural star and chic dressed in wool

DIY decoration ideas easy DIY

As you will see in our collection of images and tutorials, the choice of Christmas star models that exists today is immense. There are fir tops and ornaments with this shape made of fabric, paper, wood, metal, pearls, clay, all colors and sizes ... And so much the better because it will allow everyone to discover the type of toy that he prefers and will do best with the rest of his Christmas decor! Here is our selection of photos and tutorials for small and big stars:

Manual Activity and Christmas Star in Felt: Tutorial by Purl Soho

creative art star of noel fabrics

DIY homemade and felt christmas star

DIY ideas christmas felt fabric

Christmas decoration to make oneself

make yourself Christmas decoration

Manual activity and tutorial for Christmas star

activities tutorial deco star christmas

Handmade Christmas Activity and Christmas Deco

do-it-yourself adult christmas decoration

Manual activity: Christmas origami

fold origami christmas deco fir trees

DIY Christmas paper tutorial

DIY tutorial Christmas paper

DIY decor and paper Christmas tree

christmas tree decoration ideas paper

DIY deco and paper Christmas star

christmas deco christmas folding paper

Creative leisure: make an origami Christmas star

leisure and creation christmas star origami

Toys for Christmas tree and star

Christmas tree decoration toy Christmas star

Christmas decoration made of paper: multicolored stars

idea of ​​Christmas paper decorations

Idea of ​​manual activity and Christmas star deco

diy deco star christmas

How to make a Christmas star made of paper and wool

star christmas origami paper wool

activities and leisure Christmas ornaments

diy deco christmas ornament

creative leisure deco noel to realize oneself

ideas star christmas party decoration

DIY easy decoration noel pas cher

make christmas stars decoration fir

easy DIY decorations original fir trees

diy christmas tree top decoration

christmas tree top ribbons

activities christmas decoration

diy christmas toys salt pate

make original christmas tree

decoration beads christmas DIY

fold star christmas origami paper

christmas deco tutorial stars paper

Christmas toys deco origamis

activities christmas star ribbons

how to make a Christmas deco

brico manual activity christmas

diy deco star ribbon christmas

Christmas wall decoration

brico deco christmas paper stars

activities maunuelles Christmas toys

christmas tree decoration ideas christmas

manual activity christmas tree tops

manual activity bricolae star top of fir

creative activities christmas tree decoration

tutorial activity manual stars noel glitter

activity decorations christmas original

decoration trees christmas summit

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