Manufacture furniture with pallets in 33 original ideas

furniture wood diy idea pallets wood sofa casters cushions idea table wall deco living room cushions

Make furniture with pallets is a very good decision for three main reasons: we develop our creativity, we save money and above all we respect the environment.

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The number of objects, manufactured and thrown in the trash on a daily basis, is impressive and continues to increase. In today's society, it is essential to be aware of the human impact on the planet. To be conscious is to react and take care of nature. To manufacture by recycling objects that we use more is to commit to sustainable development. It is therefore not surprising that furniture made from wooden pallets has become, lately, very trendy. Be trendy, be green and find inspiration for making your wood pallet furniture with our selection of more than 33 ideas for all tastes!

Manufacture furniture with pallets in 33 ideas

coffee table wood diy idea pallets wood casters floor mats

Wooden pallets are quite easy to handle making them ideal for starting DIY. Their shape makes it possible to make several different furniture: tables, sofas, beds, shelves and many others. In a short time and with creativity, we can achieve more than satisfactory results.

Low coffee table in wood pallets

idea manufacture furniture pallet wood recycling furniture living room idea sofa cushions

The art of recovery and DIY are very trendy for a while now. Indeed, in France, for twenty years holders of packaging waste are obliged to ensure the recycling of wooden pallets. Yet only 10% of wooden pallets are upgraded each year. Nevertheless, lately, some people recover and recycle the pallets by dismantling them to make original furniture!

Manufacture furniture with pallets for a designer coffee table with storage space

idea coffee table living room wood deco idea furniture diy salon

Insignificant at first sight, by giving them a new life, pallets can be transformed into very chic furniture and design. They are susceptible to any type of transformation: coloring, cutting, decoration. They allow to realize furniture in several different styles: rustic, vintage, minimalist and futuristic. No doubt, their presence inside or outside your home, will add a personal touch and will not remain unnoticed by your guests!

Low garden table with casters

manufacture furniture pallets wood idea living room

Usually, there are two ways of manufacturing furniture with pallets. They can be used without dismounting or dismounting. Disassembly is not difficult, but it takes more time to devote to his project. One of the simplest furniture to manufacture without disassembly is undoubtedly the coffee table. It fits ideally in the living room indoors or in the garden.

Idea coffee table in wooden pallets

idea coffee table wood diy pallets wooden shelves modern floor rug gray idea

With a palette, you can make a small table. If you want to make a large table, you will need two wooden pallets.

Make furniture with pallets for a big table in wood

wooden table DIY idea recycling DIY furniture

Large wooden table idea with decorated center, Dark Walnut idea

wooden dining table diy idea wooden pallets recycling

The headboard in pallet is great for those who want to enhance their bed and create extra storage space. To achieve it, there is no need to disassemble your palette. You can install it directly. Combine it with a bed frame in a pallet. To achieve all this composition, you will need three to six wooden pallets. The number varies depending on the size of your mattress.

Making furniture with pallets for a wooden pallet bed

wooden pallets bed idea bedroom deco wall frames cushions

It is often thought that any pallet is suitable for making furniture. Indeed, we must pay attention to the origin of the pallets. There are pallets that have been treated with chemicals for reasons of wood protection. You are advised against using this type of pallet. To produce furniture, untreated pallets are usually used.

Photo wooden pallet bed for the child's room

bed pallets wood headboard wood idea decor wall poster

In lack of storage space? Look what a genius idea, a bed frame in white painted pallet for storing books:

Bed and storage space

manufacture furniture with bed pallets

Idea bed and headboard design

make furniture with pallets wooden bed

The entrance is the business card of our house. It announces the ambiance and style of the rest of the interior. We often neglect its development. Yet, it represents an important place in any living space. The palette is beautiful to create a practical entrance furniture. You will only need a pallet of wood for this.

Wooden pallet entrance cabinet colored in blue

manufacture furniture with pallets furniture entrance deco wall frames ideas deco flowers

Black coffee table with wheels

coffee table casters black drink idea fitting

Wooden shelf

manufacture furniture with pallets shelf storage cabinet

Headboard in decorated wooden pallet

manufacture furniture with pallets headboard idea decor wall frames

The palette invites itself into the kitchen to bring an original vintage and rustic look. It is installed on the wall to store his cooking utensils, pans, spices etc.

The wooden pallet is inviting in the kitchen

manufacture furniture with pallets kitchen furniture idea storage

Here is an original idea for girls who do not know how to organize their makeup products. We take a wooden pallet and paint it if we want it. Subsequently, we fix a few glass jars, we install it on the wall and here - your furniture storage makeup done!

idea furniture storage pallets woody diy

The palette becomes an office-library. A pallet is more than enough to make this wall desk with an awesome integrated library:

idea recycling furniture wood diy shelves books storage wall decor frames

Hanging garden bench idea

wooden pallet idea idea suspension diy original furniture

There is nothing more classic than making a sofa in pallets. The sofa is the second piece of furniture, after the table, the easiest to make from pallets. To make the corner sofa model, in the picture below, you will need four wooden pallets. To be installed in the living room or on its outdoor terrace.

corner sofa wood pallets idea cushions garden living room diy

Install some chair cakes and some cushions and here is your fluffy sofa and modern is ready to use!

manufacture furniture with pallets corner sofa garden lounge

make furniture with pallets sofa wood living room cheap idea layout recycling

Want a lounge chair in your garden or on your terrace?

bench garden wood idea recycling diy furniture pallet wood bench cushions black

Wood storage cabinet

recycling pallets wood diy idea storage chest furniture pallets diy

The palette and the decor

decoration wooden pallets idea deco garland suspension candles

The palette can also serve you as a wall decoration. Install some photo frames, decorative objects, candles and attach it to the wall.

recycling wooden pallet idea storage frames

It's up to you whether you want to keep your rustic wood look or paint it in a color that matches your interior.

storage frames idea furniture wood pallet recycling diy

If you wish, it is also possible to disassemble as it was done on the image below.

shelves wall wood idea storage recycling furniture diy idea

Make furniture with disassembled pallets with shelves

furniture storage shelves wood idea deco diy furniture

Do you have a cellar or a garage and you do not know how to store your tools and objects in a practical way? The wooden pallet is here to help you!

Idea of ​​storage cabinet for garage

manufacture furniture pallets diy idea storage cabinet wood diy

The vertical garden have become the star of our indoor and outdoor spaces. This type of landscaping allows us to optimize the space and enjoy the greenery on a daily basis. To make a vertical garden, wooden pallets are almost always used.

Vertical garden made with pallets

furniture pallets idea flower boxes diy wall

Make furniture with pallets in garden decor

make vertical garden pallet idea

Garden path made of disassembled pallet

garden pathway make idea garden pallet

Vertical garden with palette: awesome!

vertical garden pallet wood diy

DIY wooden deco idea

garden pallet storage pots flowers

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