Marble effect nail decoration in 46 interesting ideas

decorative nail-effect-marbled-ideas

The nail decoration Marbled effect is a very modern and interesting way to decorate your nails. Yes, it's certainly not the easiest and fastest way to get nails, but with a marbled effect manicure you're sure to get noticed.

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In this article you will find explanations how to succeed this type of nail decoration using some varnish and water. It's not as difficult as it sounds at first, and after all, it takes at least a little effort to have the same manicure as Rita Ora and Anne Hathaway on the red carpet! Follow the instructions and have fun!

Marbled effect nail decoration

interesting marble effect nail decoration

Begin by applying a coat of nail polish on your nails. This allows to have a manicure much more beautiful and durable. You can also apply a coat of white polish to accentuate the colors afterwards. Wait until it dries before continuing. Protect your fingers so you do not color them with the polishes you will use. You can cover them with Vaseline, glue, cuticle oil or scotch.

Modern nail decoration in bright colors

decoration original nails idea

Choose a small container such as a shot glass or a plastic cup. It is possible that the container is stained with varnish. So, pick one that you can throw next or keep for next time. Nail polish is toxic, but not used in small amounts. In case you opt for a drink, well washed after use, it is safe to use without any danger. Cover the surface on which you will work with paper so as not to leave traces of varnish.

Stylish nail deco idea

Fill the chosen container with water at room temperature, not with hot water, to prevent the varnish from drying out too fast. Try until you find the right water temperature. Now is the time to choose the polish you will work with. Choose at least two contrasting colors and keep two others in reserve, because not all varnishes always work for the marbled effect. The marbled effect requires a lot of varnish, so it may be better to use cheaper but new varnishes. Leave the varnish outlets to work more easily.

Perfect nail decoration for the summer

original marble effect nail decoration

Put a single drop of varnish in the water. It must spread a little on the surface of water. If it stays in the center, then turn the container until it spreads out. Repeat the same with the other colors. Put the following drops of varnish just in the center of the previous drops. Three or four drops of different colors suffice in general. Take a toothpick, place it carefully in the center of the inner circle of varnish obtained and move it through the different colors to create patterns such as, for example, spiraloid patterns.

Marbled effect manicure in blue and white

decoration nail effect marble belu white

Place your fingernail just above the pattern and slowly lower it into the surface of the water. Keep the nail in the water long enough for the created pattern to stick on it. It may take just a few seconds, or even a full minute, depending on the varnish. When you take out your fingernail, the motive must be there. Remove the remaining water on your finger just like the protection you used. And now, your first marbled nail is ready! All you have to do is repeat the same operation with the other nine! Here are some inspiring images that can give you some deco ideas :

Marbled effect manicure with floral motifs

decoration nail effect marble pattern

Decorative idea of ​​nails in black and white

decoration nail effect marble black white

Deco nails in blue and pink

decoration nail effect marble pink blue

Original decoration of the nails in purple and bright pink

deco manicure idea marble effect

Elegant manicure in gray

gray marble nail decoration

decoration nails marble effect bright colors

deco manicure idea black white

deco nail marble idea

deco nail original idea

deco nails interesting idea

deco modern nails idea

decorative nails orange shades

green original nail deco

marble effect nail decoration

decoration nail effect marble french manicure

decoration nails effect marble blue shades

decoration nails marble effect dark shades

pink marble effect nail decoration

green marble nail decoration

decoration nails effect green marble gilded

pink green marble effect nail decoration

decoration nr effect red white

decoration nail idea effect

decoration nail idea marble effect

decoration nail interesting idea

decoration nail marble idea

decoration modern green nails

interesting deco nail idea

manicure deco modern idea

black blue marble effect manicure

nails decorated bright colors

nails decorated with marble effect

decore nails interesting idea

nails black white

nails black green

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