Metal dining chairs for an industrial look

industrial style dining chairs

Despite the beauty and warmth of the wooden furniture sometimes you have to play with the contrasts of textures or materials to bring a specific sensitivity to the layout of a room.

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Dining chairs can balance this delicate harmony, when for example the rest of the room is already saturated with massive wooden furniture.

balance of materials

Experience Albaplus metal design chairs

The choice of the metal is then judicious, because its flexibility will allow to bring notes more aerial while ensuring a solidity which integrates perfectly with the rest of the furniture. It's a simple and interesting way to bring a little industrial style and contemporary in the layout of a room that otherwise could have a stamp a little too rustic.

dining room chairs Emeco for an industrial style

aluminum dining chairs eclectic style

As the layout of a dining area in a small minimalist kitchen, the delicate lines of metal chairs will help avoid a feeling of space in the room, while providing a design touch that allows the rest of the furniture enhancement, thanks to the contribution of diverse textures.

to bring a touch of design

minimalist kitchen dining chairs

Metal dining chairs are almost indispensable when there is parquet flooring, and other elements of the furniture still emphasize the choice of wood as an aesthetic value in its own right. In addition, the metal comes in a wide range of finishes, from wrought iron to aluminum or tubular chrome.

emphasize the aesthetic aspect of the wood

metal dining room chairs wood table

Metal chairs with a matte finish also go perfectly with a painted or colored wooden table, as they ensure the continuity of a modern choice for an eclectic decoration. Finally, there is a large selection of vintage chairs combining wood and an iron structure, in this case the wood is enhanced by the nakedness of the metal, and you can opt for chairs that are monument of the design of the years. 50 and 60. See our examples of metal dining chairs, and the mix of materials, textures and contrasts.

matt finish chairs

aluminum dining chairs Emeco Navy Chair

or chrome finish

mart stam chrome dining chairs

play with the materials

Lucy braided design chairs

ideal as garden furniture

garden design chairs Leaf

for a modern style

design chairs water collection Calligaris

balance between modern and rustic

chrome finish dining room chairs

Elston vintage dining chairs

chrome design chairs Casamania

Jason Lewis design dining chairs

Reed braided metal design chairs

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