Mezzanine bed: a practical, comfortable and modern choice

modern adult loft bed

The bunkbed is generally used in bedrooms that lack space or dual use. As the name suggests, the loft bed is designed so that it is high enough to leave the floor free.

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Mezzanine beds are a perfect way to make the most of the space in your home. Options for decorating mezzanine beds are numerous. You can find these beds in modern, minimalist, traditional or funny models for children. In this article, we will share with you some ideas on how to make effective use of this type of bed and how to decorate your room.

Mezzanine bed of modern wooden design

contemporary loft bed deco

Who will sleep on the bed? If the bed is for a child's room, you should try to choose a bedding made of comfortable materials that are easy to wash. The little ones need anti-stain and fireproof materials. If it is a modern child room, then opt for a bed of natural materials and colors that follow with the rest of the decoration. Try to choose simple bedding. Since these bed models are generally smaller and closer to the ceiling than other types of beds, excess cushions and frills are not really a good idea. Use light and inspiring materials to decorate your bed. As we sleep closer to the ceiling of the room, you will be warmer than if you slept in a traditional bed. Replace goose down, wool and other heavy materials with cotton and hemp.

Mezzanine bed in a modern loft

contemporary design loft bed

If you have a bunkbed at height you can enjoy the free space below the bed for storage. Choose design baskets and place them on a small shelf below the bed. You can use these baskets for storing small parts or accessories. Thus you will free space in the room for other objects.

Modern bedroom deco idea

modern design loft bed

You can also create a reading or work corner in your bedroom with the designer loft bed. Place a desk or work table with a bedside lamp below your bed. Then add a small shelf to store your books. Do not forget to check if you have the internet going well here in case you plan to use a computer.

Bedroom deco with bed at height

adult bedroom loft bed

If your bedroom lacks storage space, take advantage of the space below your bed to set up a wardrobe. Attach a bar between the bed support beams and use it to attach hangers with your clothes. Do not forget the large storage boxes or baskets to distribute the clothes out of season and buy a jewel holder for your accessories.

Design living room with bed height

design living room loft bed

Personalize your bed space. Chis a color that you like and remember to follow it with the rest of your room. Coordinate the style and shades of the bedding with curtains or carpet. You can also walk in one of the corners of the bed rather than using a traditional ladder. Install a small shelf on the wall next to the bed and decorate it with photo frames or other ornamental objects. Here are some ideas for photo of rooms with mezzanine beds:

Different examples of adult mezzanine beds

design loft bed ideas

Modern interior decoration with bed height

loft bed idee deco

Small space decorating idea with mezzanine design bed

design loft bed small space

Scandinavian design interior with high bed

loft bed small apartment

Practical decoration of small apartment

loft bed small apartment

Adult room with bed height

adult room deco bed height

modern deco bed height

height adult deco bed

bed height cabinet storage

design wood height bed

bed height adult bedroom

child bedroom height bed

bed height deco apartment

bed height deco loft

bed height design bedroom

design height work space bed

modern design height bed

bed height under kitchen

bed height idea deco

bed height idea decoration

bed height original idea deco

loft bed apartment small space

modern children's loft bed

loft bed deco bedroom

apartment loft bed workspace

industrial design loft bed

design mezzanine bed

original design loft bed

work area loft bed

loft bed

modern loft loft bed

loft bed wood steps

black loft bed white

loft bed small apartment

modern living room loft bed

contemporary adult loft bed

modern design loft bed

original design loft bed

modern loft bed small space

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