Mini bathroom: tips for its development

mini bathroom zen upholstery wood

The layout of a mini bathroom could be a test even for creative minds. Here are our deco tips to take back and interpret at home.

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The bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces of the house. Here, we can stay alone, relax, make beautiful. By definition, it's a room where you have to feel comfortable. But when this room is tiny, the very idea of ​​having to use it daily can make us more tense.

Mini bathroom with bathtub: example of a layout plan

mini bathroom wall bricks shower room

France is one of the European countries with a very large number of old and historic buildings that are built and rebuilt to meet modern standards of housing. Often, even if you buy a large apartment, it may need an extra bathroom that is smaller. It could be for children or contiguous to a guest room. In this case, the owners usually have the financial and technical means to redo the room and to integrate solutions that are not very greedy from the point of view of space. There is also another situation: tenants who, faced with a small bathroom already completely completed, are not able to carry out large-scale work. The decoration tips that we offer you intend to offer options for both cases.

Mini bathroom in black and white, with wooden floor

mini bathroom layout

Let's start with the first case: you own a house or apartment and you want to install a small bathroom, probably with a toilet. To make the space bigger and more comfortable, you have the opportunity to play on the colors, the size of the furniture and the layout of the different areas: bath , shower, washbasin, toilet. In terms of colors, we usually favor light and soft shades, able to visually enlarge the room. The different shades of white are inevitably present here and they are accompanied by another color that gives more depth. The checkerboard type tiles is also an excellent choice for flooring, as it produces a similar visual effect.

Idea of ​​decoration of a mini bathroom under roof

attic mini bathroom bath amenagement

The small bathroom can have a bath or a shower: as you will see in the photos below, both options are possible. It's up to you to see which one fits best in the area you are working on. The Italian shower is a great solution for really tiny spaces. Small floating furniture, to be placed under the sink, will allow you to install storage that gives a more airy and lighter air.

Mini bathroom with shower curtain

colors bathroom deco small spaces

If you are renting an apartment or a studio with a very small bathroom, you have the opportunity to play on the arrangement of storage furniture and accessories. Regarding the layout of the furniture, try to place it in a way that facilitates circulation. Since the room is already small, you do not need to create additional obstacles. In case the storage space is not enough, put on open shelves or on hanging storage spaces, making sure that all objects on display are perfectly arranged. The greater the disorder, the more the bathroom will look congested.

Mini bathroom design by Balance Associates Architects

designer bathroom furniture

Use a mirror and its arrangement to give more depth to the room. For accessories such as curtains, rugs and mats, opt for light shades or shades that fit the walls and floor colors of the room. For more tips and illustrations for a mini bathroom, check out these photos:

Photo of a small bathroom in white

color painting bathroom

Modern mini bathroom layout with gray tiles


Image of bathroom amengaée under the eaves

bathroom decorations small house

Small bathroom idea in contemporary style in black and white

mini bathroom-black white floor and wall cladding

Bathroom decoration small space: interior plan

mini bathroom small bath combination

Small bathroom plan

pictures small bathrooms

Floating bathroom cabinet and space saving

hanging furniture small bathroom

Small space bathroom plan

idea deco bathroom small spaces

Small bathroom under roof

images small bathroom attic

Small furniture for mini bathroom

small mini bathroom furniture

Small bathroom and attic

deco attic small bathroom

Tiny bathroom of rustic design

small spaces bathroom style countryside

Scandinavian design bathroom for small spaces

mini Scandinavian style bathroom

Small bathroom with checkered tile

bathroom floor tile black and white

Bathroom with small bathtub

mini white bathroom

Mirror for bathroom small space

bathroom mirrors

Color palette for mini bathroom

mini bathroom decoration

Mini bathroom and storage trick

trick storage small bathroom

Deco mini bathroom and toilet

mini bathroom with toilet

space saving bathroom furniture

mini luxury bathroom

bathroom toilet deco

deco of mini bathroom italian showers

shower bathroom decoration

ideas deco mini modern bathroom

pictures of small black bathroom

small furniture for bathroom

bathroom and toilet plans

bathroom deco furniture

mini bathroom modern furniture

interior layout bathroom

furniture design bathroom ideas

washbasin contemporary bathroom

small space bathroom decoration

furnishing mini bathroom small bathtubs

bathroom attic decoration

modern decoration for mini bathroom

deco of mini bathroom white color

design tile small bathrooms

small bathroom idea

small bathroom guest room

idea deco small toilet

space saving furniture mini bathroom

black tile bathroom

deco WC small space

amenagement wc small furniture

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