Mini pool, a relaxation area in your garden

mini pool garden deco

Who does not dream of a mini pool in his garden ? With the arrival of late spring and the approach of summer, we all think of holidays and moments of relaxation spent at the water's edge.

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So if you, like most French people, would like to relax and spend pleasant moments without worry, our pool mini ideas gallery is just for you!

The mini pool, relaxation area

mini pool deco modern garden

Indeed, contrary to what one might think, a small swimming pool in your garden is not necessarily synonymous with trouble. The mini pool can be easy to install with a little inspiration and creativity. This is what we would like to offer you with our choice of images.

The garden pool is an expression of your creativity and your personality

mini pool deco garden original

When thinking about the layout of a small pool, one should consider the space available for its installation. Deco design specialists advise to consider the mini pool as a natural extension of your home.

The pool is a natural extension of home design

mini pool house garden design

And as modern homes favor simple, contemporary decor, it is not necessary to make extremely complicated projects. Instead, just think of the pool that will really make you feel good at home.

The mini pool, a relax area at home

mini pool patio modern wood

If your garden does not have a traditional shape, this is not a reason to panic or neglect the possibility of developing a small pool. In this case, the right solution would be to consider the different forms it can adopt and choose a appropriate furniture at his height.

Small pools adopt the shape of the outdoor garden

mini pool round garden

Finally, if the outdoor space you have is limited and does not allow the installation of a mini pool in traditional forms, there is still a solution: the development of a pool in depth. It will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments near the water during holiday periods!

Solution for small spaces - the small deep pool by the architects Clayton and Little

small pools concrete above ground depth

Modern pool with relax area

mini pool single floor

Outdoor garden with pool

pool relax area

Small garden design with swimming pool

outdoor pool design

Ultra modern garden with a small decorative pool

simple minimalist outdoor pool

Small space spa pool

mini round stone spa pool

Small rectangular pool of modern design

concrete design basin stone

Spa pool according to the shape of the garden

mini curved spa pool

Pool small space above ground

original pool concrete stone

Pool of a house in minimalist style

outdoor swimming pool

swimming pool round shell space

curved space pool

small pools outdoor garden

small pool garden wood

small pool concrete garden

small outdoor wood pool design

mini round outdoor pool

mini pool concrete cellar

mini pool stones woods

mini concrete floor

hull outdoor pools

outdoor pool house above ground

design mini basin

stone wood basin

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