Minimalist kitchen design - interior design ideas


Minimalism in contemporary architecture is based on a simple but effective concept, especially "less is more". The ultramodern minimalist kitchen espouses this principle and, therefore, its equipment is often reduced to its most necessary elements.

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It is exactly this unquestionable aesthetic tactic that we will present you today in 25 wonderful examples- kitchen design minimalist style.

Minimalist kitchen design - with or without color?


The colors in minimalism are also reduced to a minimum. One can say even absent, as the white and the black are not considered as colors in the proper sense of the word. That's why the kitchen of this super modern style is often completely white, white and black or white with a touch of color. Nowadays, almost all styles have an eclectic element, ie they encompass in themselves at least two styles , often very different, sometimes even incompatible at first glance. That's why some of the kitchens that we will examine have wooden elements, touches of gray, beige or green here and there and even decoration (which is not the case of the typical minimalist kitchen).

Typical minimalist kitchen design

minimalist white-minimalist kitchen design

Household appliances in the minimalist kitchen are mostly out of sight. They are at least integrated and sometimes completely hidden. Sometimes you see only a simple work plan and the bright finishes of cabinet doors that completely cover an entire wall. So one wonders is it really a futuristic kitchen or science lab. We sometimes see hotplates (most often induction or glass-ceramic, rarely gas, but it still exists), the forward tap of the sink, we can see the oven door and we reassure ourselves. Superfluous to say that the furniture is also reduced to the essential and opts for pure and simple lines and regular geometric shapes. The central island is often present and sometimes accompanied by lunch counter or bar with stools that complement the kitchen design ultra modern.

Ideas on the layout of the super modern kitchen


White kitchen with gray accents and warm laminate flooring


Small kitchen of minimalist design, but with decoration


Accents that mimic glossy wood

white-elements-wood modern kitchen design

White kitchen in modern open concept apartment

minimalist white-apartment kitchen design

Minimalist design with waxed concrete work plans and wooden elements

modern kitchen design islet-plan-concrete-waxed

Super modern minimalist kitchen of unique design

kitchen-ultra modern-white-minimalist

Minimalist design and raw wood rustic style table

kitchen-design-minimalist-table rustic

Modern loft with minimalist spirit kitchen

apartment-open concept kitchen-super-modern




pure design-simple-kitchen-minimalist



modern kitchen design black-white-green-accents

minimalist white-black kitchen design

minimalist white-wood-concrete kitchen design

modern kitchen design black-white-minimalist

apartment loft-kitchen-minimalist design

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