Mixed child girl and boy - the practical solution

minimalist mixed child bedroom

To laugh, to cry, to play, to argue ... children's room mixed for girl and boy is a hive of activity and desires. And this means that, most of the time, it is very difficult for parents to arrange the perfect mixed room.
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With twice as many requests and requirements, it is a complicated task to find the perfect storage furniture, space and individual style of each child. But here are some ideas that can help you.

Mixed child bedroom of contemporary design

contemporary design mixed child room

Arranging a brother's and sister's room does not have to be a challenge! In fact, this may be the easiest challenge to overcome when planning a children's room mixed . The first step is to choose an underlying color palette for the main elements in the room, that is to say for the walls , carpet and furniture. The colors, preferably, should be neutral and appeal to children. Color combinations such as gray and white, turquoise and white or a mix of primary colors often appeal to girls and boys.

Mixed child room with bunk beds

mixed child room idee deco

To complement this color scheme, choose accent colors. So, for example, in a room in gray and white, to accentuate you can introduce accessories in yellow. If you want patterns, you can choose between stripes, chevron or geometric patterns. When it comes to choosing furniture, go for clean lines and designs and combine them with neutral lamps and curtains.
Mixed room with interesting wall decoration

mixed child room two beds

The most exciting part of the layout of the mixed room is creating a super cool room by choosing elements that are in keeping with the personality of your kids. Opt for design elements that show that space belongs to both. Customize the accessories in the room such as walls and coat rack. Try to introduce the initials of their names in the decoration. You can afford some accessories especially girl or boy, but provided they coordinate well. A storage unit, complementary to the design scheme, can also help you to unify the room.
Mixed child room design idea

modern design mixed child room

It becomes a little more difficult to arrange a mixed room when it comes to two children who have a big difference in age and whose needs are also very different. In this case, the first thing you need to do is to choose the furniture placement. If it is a baby, then you will certainly tend to come in and out of the room all the time, even at night. If possible, arrange the children's beds in the opposite corners of the room by placing the crib at the most accessible place in the room. Obviously, structural elements such as windows and heating, for example, can not be moved, but your goal is to give every child the most comfort possible.
Mixed room decoration in blue and white

mixed blue child room

Creating a space games that both children can share is very useful and especially for tired moms and dads. Floor mats, cushions and bulky toys, such as a balance horse or tipi, are the perfect tool for delineating space. Place the older child's toys in boxes or containers that are accessible but at a height so that the youngest can not touch them. Try to incorporate in the bedroom decor elements that show your children their family. The pictures of the two children together, or the imprints of their framed baby hands, will encourage them to value themselves and accept each other more easily.
Mixed room with simple design in white

white mixed child bedroom

Finding space for two-person furniture in one room is often the most difficult part of fitting out the mixed room. This is where your creativity needs to help you, just like multifunctional pieces. As a base, choosing multifunctional furniture is essential to keep the room spacious and allow storage and play. If children are old enough, the bunk bed is often the most effective choice.
Mixed room with wooden furniture

modern mixed child room

And speaking of bed, storage under the bed with boxes or drawers is also very important. The storage benches with cushions can also be used as a space to sit and play or as a small table to store toys. A wall cabinet with drawers can play the role of office and dressing at the same time. Shelves are very comfortable for storing toys and do not take up much space. You can place them above the dressing room, the office and even above the door. Similarly, placing a book shelf next to the bed will preserve wall space and accommodate the bedside lamp. Regardless of the design of the room, when you create a mixed room for your daughter and boy, you must opt ​​for multifunctional furniture that prioritizes the comfort of children first.
Child's room ultra modern design

original mixed child bedroom

Children's room with two wooden beds

mixed child bedroom wooden beds

furniture child room idea

green blue child room

child room decoration idea

modern design child room

children's room two beds

child room dressing idea

child room idee amenagement

children's room bed superposed

modern child room design

modern mixed child room

baby room mixed idea

mixed child bedroom deco

mixed child room design idea

gray mixed child room

mixed child room original bed

modern mixed child bedroom

pink green mixed child bedroom

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