Mobile home design VISTA by ESCAPE homes

mobile home design wood escape homes mobile home design idea forest

The designers of the ESCAPE Homes design studio designed this mobile home Small "personal" called VISTA. The company has created a whole series of personal houses (" Personal Homes " ) in the idea of ​​rethinking the concept of "staff".

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The founder of ESCAPE Homes, Dan Dobrowolski, explains that living spaces, just like our computers, can be really personal and ... portable!

VISTA mobile home by ESCAPE Homes

home mobile home design wood idea escape homes

VISTA is only 15 m² and weighs 3 tons. Outside, its construction is wood with accents in steel and protective panels. Inside, there is a space with double bed, small kitchen, bathroom with shower, small Dining Area with wooden dining table and several practical storage and storage spaces. Small dwellings always require a functional layout. Every little centimeter counts. To create an efficient and pleasant space, it is important to design it intelligently. In this little house with wheels, there is even a television at the edge of the window.

Small mobile wooden house with intelligently landscaped interior

mobile home wood design layout idea small space table wood small kitchen

The furniture for the interior is all in light wood: the dinner table , bed, chairs, counter and kitchen cupboards, shelves and parquet. This space is designed in such a way that everything looks very compact. There is the minimum necessary space to live. The decoration is almost absent: a small bouquet of pink flowers decorates the wooden table and some geometric pattern cushions embellish the bed.

The bed decorated with cushions

home mobile home design bed cushions idea office wood design

Despite its small size, this space lacks neither brightness nor space. How is it possible knowing that it is only 15m²? Thanks to the big windows! Large windows overlook the beautiful outdoor landscape and in this way visually enlarge the space. In addition, they play a decorative role. They are like three paintings hanging on the wall.

Small mobile home that does not lack space

mobile home mobile home idea bed cushion television small space layout

All the interior is arranged in clear colors. This is not an entirely aesthetic choice. It is rather a practical choice. In general, it is not advisable to decorate and decorate small spaces in dark colors because you risk making them visually even smaller.

Practical storage drawer

mobile home layout idea bed space storage drawer under bed escape homes

Extra storage space for small items

shelf space storage small space idea home home mobil design

The front door, the kitchen and the dining area

small kitchen layout idea wood closet design modern wooden table chairs

Large light wood storage cupboard

home mobile home idea storage cabinet wood shelf modern design

The small wooden dining table with two chairs

mobile home design idea layout small space table wood dining area

shelves and wooden bathroom counter

home mobil arrangement idea wood house mobil design kitchen small space

The house seen from the outside

home design wood mobile landscaping modern architecture contemporary wood panels

The place of manufacture

small house mobile wood design mobile home idea

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