Modern and contemporary glass design dining table

marble and glass dining table

The glass table is a beautiful solution for dining room decoration. Explore our rich collection of images on glass design dining table! The glass tables are versatile and elegant: they are comparable to real jewels in the decor of a kitchen, a living room or a dining room.

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In this text, we explore what such furniture can bring to an interior of modern and contemporary style.

Modern design glass dining table and home chic interior deco

modern design iron dining table

Tables with a glass surface are available in a wide variety of models. There are models of this type of furniture that have a glass plate placed on a base made from another material, such as, for example, wood and metal. Alongside this, one can also opt for a piece of furniture with a glass plate installed directly on another surface and intended to protect the latter, while allowing those who sit to see through this layer of protection. These two main categories of dining tables come in many variants and shapes.

Modern design dining table with glass plate

dining table design living room dining room

Have a dinner table glass is to have several advantages. In the first place, these tables are often transparent. For this reason, they inspire a sense of space that no other material can provide. This is what motivates many owners and tenants of small apartments to decorate their interiors with furniture of this kind. This same property of glass gives us the opportunity to play with interesting optical effects. For example, you can place an original rug just below the dining table and observe it while eating.

Modern design glass dining table

modern design glass dining table

From an interior design point of view, glass tables are extremely versatile furniture. Those who have decided to buy this kind of furniture will not have to worry about its color and how it will match the rest of the decor of the room. Similarly, when you decide that the time has come to revamp your dining room or kitchen, you will not have to replace your table, because its glass surface will fit easily with your new interior.

Modern style glass dining table

dining table design living room small tables

The dining tables modern and contemporary style glass are sold in different shapes and sizes. The thickness of the glass also varies according to the different models. All this is likely to make this piece of furniture quite heavy. However, you do not have to worry about this, because the tables available in the shops are normally equipped with security mechanisms that guarantee maximum protection.

Glass dining table with original base

dining table set wood

Thus, the surface of your table could be glued, placed in joints specially provided for this purpose or fixed by means of screws. As a result, the owners of such a piece of furniture do not have to take additional measures to secure the glass plate. For optimal protection of your family members, we advise you to inspect from time to time if the surface remains secure in its place.

Dining table with glass plate in contemporary style

table design glass chair padded house luxury

If you have young children, you probably worry that the edges of such a table could be dangerous for the health of your little ones. Here again, we have good news for you: tables with glass elements are manufactured to meet all modern requirements for safety and comfort. Their edges are rounded to avoid the risk of injury to those who use the table. Our advice for parents who would like to equip their home with a piece of furniture with a glass plate: when cleaning your table, take a look at its edges. This will allow you to detect any defects and repair them quickly.

White dining table with glass protection plate

white glass table furniture dining room

The glass surface is also a source of concern for those who think that it can crack or break, causing injury to their loved ones. If you share these concerns, opt for a tempered glass table that is stronger and gives you more protection. Even if it broke, the glass of this type would break down into harmless little pieces.

Kitchen and dining deco with glass dining table and transparent chairs

transparent chair contemporary table

Many people like the look of glass tables but are reluctant to buy one because they think that such a piece of furniture will be too difficult to maintain. But, in fact, the dining table of this kind is not so difficult to clean. All you need to do is use a glass cleaner and a cloth once a day.

Black glass dining table for modern dining room

black table set dining room deco

As we have seen, the modern and contemporary glass dining table can bring a lot to your home, without asking you to compromise with the comfort and safety of your loved ones. If these arguments were enough to convince you to buy furniture of this kind for your home, you may find the right model in this collection of images:

Oval shaped glass dining table with design by Bonaldo

dining table design dining room

Modern glass and wood dining table

tempered glass table dining room modern design

Luxury dining room decor and vintage style glass table

table glass deco luxury dining room vintage

Modern glass and metal table

design table glass modern dining room

Large modern glass table

glass tables dining room modern deco

Rectangular dining table

kitchen table glass dining room design

Table with glass plate and feet for dining room deco

table deco modern dining room furniture glass

Set for contemporary dining room

modern furniture dining tables

Small round glass table

modern tables decoration dining room

Industrial dining room with glass and metal dining table

modern design metal table furniture glass

Large glass and metal table

contemporary design metal table

Oval glass and wood table for contemporary interior

small glass dining table

Black dining room furniture and glass table

glass table interior design of dining room

Dining table with glass surface and industrial deco

table panel glass dining room industrial design

Contemporary interior with glass dining table

furniture table dining room contemporary deco

Dining area with modern glass and metal table

dining table glass amenagement dining area

Modern style glass table

living room furniture round table glass

Contemporary glass table

round table living room furniture glass dining room

Dining room set with oval table

dining room complete glass table

Glass dining table with wooden base

idea meal tables wood glass

rectangular dining room deco kitchen tables

modern rectangular glass design tables

modern table extensible glass furniture

glass table oval shape deco kitchen

oval tables deco dining area

contemporary black dining table

table wood furniture modern glass

metal table and glass round shape

modern decoration glass tables

dining room table glass modern furniture

dining room contemporary glass deco tables

table glass feet metal modern deco

idea contemporary tables dining room design

kitchen contemporary table wood base

modern kitchen furniture tables

table glass deco kitchen dining room

contemporary metal design glass table

square tables glass modern design

wooden table glass modern decoration

modern dining table

furniture large dining table glass

wood deco dining table

glass wood design dining table

dining room deco design dining table

dining table design deco dining room

glass wood design dining table

deco kitchen original dining table

deco living room dining table design glass

chair and table decoration dining room luxury

dining table design dining room deco modern style

decor kitchen furniture design dining table

dining table design modern decoration dining room

contemporary decor wood design dining table

dining room contemporary deco table glass

small round tables deco living room

small black table glass kitchen dining room

small table furniture bar glass and metal

idea round table wooden feet

large table glass dining room

large table modern kitchen decoration

decoration table glass dining room

idea deco dining room round tables

dining area deco table glass

table wood dining room furniture glass

dining room deco contemporary tables

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