Modern and design child's bedroom pendant

suspension child room design idea origami paper fixture

Do you want to install a child room suspension original and design? There are many very interesting possibilities. You have the choice to choose a suspension design, a suspension to manufacture or to buy a ready made suspension and at a low price online or in stores like IKEA.

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The advantage of the Swedish giant is the ability to buy a monochrome and simple lighting and then customize and decorate yourself. It is also possible to go around the shops of objects and furniture design and find a suspension trend and design . The concern is that often designer-designed fixtures prove to be expensive for many reasons. Making a suspension at home, with the help of your child, is the ideal solution if you have a small budget, but a lot of creativity. Let your imagination speak and discover this gallery of 51 pictures of interesting ideas to crack. You will find a selection of designer lighting, home-made lighting and fixtures that can be purchased online.

Nuage children's room suspension

suspension child bedroom lighting idea

To create the right mood in a room, it's important to choose the right lighting. Too much light is tiring the eyes and can make the atmosphere cold. For the play area, a brighter light or light garlands with different colored bulbs will bring liveliness and energy to the space. By cons, if it is the bedroom, the light must be soft and soothing. Choosing a fixture that fits the room and your tastes and preferences is essential.

Child's suspension Cloud of white balls

suspension child room design cloud balloons original idea

Want a suspended luminaire design for your child's room? Here are two elegant suggestions:

Berliner design pendant by Altinox minimal design

suspension child bedroom metal design light fixture berliner altinox

Berliner is a minimalist design suspension made of metal. Designed by designer Sergio Cordero, it is on sale on the site of the company Altinox. Berliner means "Berlin lamp". Ideal for the bedroom, living room or dining room, its geometric and captivating shape makes it suitable for the child's room too. It comes in five different colors: purple, pastel yellow, green, black and silver.

Handmade pendant in classic style for children's room, Stella Marina design

suspension design bedroom child idea chandelier classic handmade design stella marina

This classic style handmade chandelier is specially designed for the nursery. Very elegant and chic, it is perfect for a white, Scandinavian and a little vintage interior. Her charming presence will gracefully decorate the ceiling of the room.

Planet Earth : design, educational and super cool lighting

suspension child bedroom lighting design earth planet deco suspension original

This luminary named the Earth ( Planet Earth ) for obvious reasons is a beautiful way to introduce your children to geography. Design, educational and bright, this suspension is a real crush. This suspension will show your child the enlightened world from a whole new angle. A soft relief highlights the surfaces of each of the continents. In this way, each angle of view gives us a new image of the Earth. Even when Planet Earth is extinct, the continents remain visible thanks to the relief.

Blue children's room with white light fixtures hanging in the shape of balloons

luminous balloon room child suspension lighting original design idea

Want to make your suspension design yourself? Wonderful idea! There are many DIY techniques, some very easy to do. The origami is a great way to introduce your child to the art of folding paper. Then, go through the steps of making origami and create your own personalized pendant light. Your little one will be very happy when he sees your common creation hanging on the ceiling of his room.

Origami red pendant light

suspension design luminaire origami deco child room

Check out the rest of the suspension design ideas for the kids room and find the one that inspires you the most:

Blow of heart: Cloud light suspension

suspension child room design cloud light fixture

Child's room suspension for a magical interior

hanging room child modern idea lighting

Light garlands

hanging room child idea garlands

Child's bedroom pendant in white, reminiscent of a hedgehog

suspension room child idea lighting fixture

Hanging luminaires in the shape of clouds

suspension bedroom child lighting cloud ideas

Decoration with green origami and yellow origami

child room design scandinavian modern interior design modern idea

Suspension origami design to manufacture oneself

suspension origami design idea bedroom child deco cheap paper

suspension room child idea origami paper suspension design decoration child room

suspension cloud design home making idea original decor bedroom child lighting

hanging diy design room child idea lighting deco design modern idea diy child

child room lighting design idea original balloon

suspension balloons design idea room child decoration lighting

Modern and design child's bedroom pendant

room child idea lighting furniture cheap ikea design

child room suspension design idea lighting medusa deco interior modern hugoku

room child design suspension plane wood cloud deco idea

child room design idea airplane wood ali express fixture hanging design idea

airplane design furniture design ali express idea design furniture

child room suspension lighting idea design ikea

diy suspension room child idea cardboard design deco wall wallpaper clouds

fixture cheap child room layout lighting idea ali express

pendant lighting cheap design idea room child lighting ali express

suspension child room design idea lighting

kids room theme lego idea bed design suspension

children's room scandinavian design idea cushion bed child stool

interior Scandinavian style modern fixture suspension room child idea

child suspension bedroom idea design library design wood deco wall

child room suspension design black decorating idea

hanging design bedroom interior fixture yellow hanging white dresser floor mats black white

Scandinavian interior child room design wall deco idea

child room interior white design modern idea decoration wall

child room lighting idea original curtains blue room blue child design desk wood shelf

child room lighting original idea interior modern deco ceiling

child room lighting idea hanging earth fixture design formagenda

black child room suspension design Scandinavian interior idea

child room lighting suspension idea design floor mats space games deco wall bedroom child

suspension child bedroom lighting idea deco floor mats design child room design

child room design idea lighting bed shelves storage parquet wood design

suspension room child lighting idea interior design

suspension interior design bedroom child idea lighting

bedroom child lighting idea lighting design wallpaper bedroom baby idea cushions

child bedroom lighting suspension design deco idea etsy

lamp room child idea small cloud japanese design

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