Modern and nice design pot for houseplants

pot design original plant idea

This design pot for indoor plants, called Livi, is one of the latest inventions by a group of young creative people working in San Francisco. The pot creation project is underway.

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Its creators, gathered around the architect and designer Hooman Koliji, are actively seeking funding.

Mini pot design for indoor plants

pot design office interior decoration house

On their page of the Kickstarter Creative and Arts Funding Platform, the youth group explains what motivated them to create this original plant pot: "We believe that reinventing the most ordinary objects around us is a way to create valuable experiences, to improve our work and life environment and to have a positive effect on our well-being. "

Livi, a design pot with mission

plant pot plant interior flower

Livi, a design flower pot that evokes the image of a small friendly creature (and, more precisely, a gecko lizard) was therefore designed for this purpose. It is an original plant pot that can be easily transported and can be placed on all kinds of vertical surfaces.

Modern and friendly design pot easy to use

object deco pot plant design

Upon arriving home, the invention will be ready to be placed on a window or wall of your home. To do this, it would be enough to slightly press on this very nice pot. It will then rest on the support of your choice thanks to its small palms which are covered with a material resulting from an innovative technology.

Creation of Livi, the design pot that can be glued to any vertical surface

decoration pot design indoor plants

This material allows the palms of Livi to stick on any surface (even if it is smooth, like, for example, that of a window) and this several times in a row. The team behind Livi's mission is to change the perception of modern man with regard to flowers and green plants.

How to use this pot modern and original design

magnetic pot cache interior decoration

The Livi design pot glued on a window: view from the outside

flower pot design original window

Instead of looking at them as static decorative objects that are placed at the other end of the room, as if they were statues or another artificial object, the creators of Livi invite us to live a more pleasant experience and more catchy by observing our houseplants.

An original and practical plant pot for all rooms of the house

pot plant plastic interior decoration

Livi is a pot of small plants (152 x 152 cm) but, thanks to its shape and its colors, it is really able to affect the look of your interior. The pot is made of 100% recyclable materials, requires no assembly effort, can be used repeatedly on different surfaces and leaves no trace once taken off.

Livi pot: office corner decoration ideas

idea plastic design pot

Put on a window, this interesting pot guarantees that the plant that is there will always have access to the sun's rays.

Livi can be placed on a vertical surface repeatedly without leaving traces

pots for plant original interior deco

Because of its shape, the pot can also be placed directly on a table without any additional support. A great idea for decorating a child's or adult's room, a kitchen and even an office!

The design pot is inspired by the gecko lizard

flower pot contemporary design flower idea plant

The pot is available in several colors: jasmine, sunflower, lime, aqua, orange, lavender, blue serenity and pink. Several pots can be used to create an original vertical garden. Livi can be used as a pot to fill with soil or as a flowerpot for a flower that is already placed in another container.

Design pot for houseplants and original gift idea

pot design inside hiding magnetic pot

Photo of the Livy design pot from the project financing page

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